The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
1950s BBC adaptation, with John Gielgud as Holmes and Ralph Richardson as Watson.

In this 1954/55 adaptation for BBC radio, John Gielgud plays Sherlock Holmes and Ralph Richardson is Watson. Gielgud's brother appears in "The Bruce-Partington Plans" as Mycroft Holmes, and as Orson Welles stars as Professor Moriarty in "The Final Problem".

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  1. Charles Augustus Milverton (unknown file size)
  2. A Scandal in Bohemia (unknown file size)
  3. The Red-Headed League (unknown file size)
  4. A Case Of Identity (unknown file size)
  5. The Second Stain (unknown file size)
  6. The Bruce-Partington Plans (unknown file size)
  7. The Dying Detective (unknown file size)
  8. The Norwood Builder (unknown file size)
  9. The Solitary Cyclist (unknown file size)
  10. The Six Napoleons (unknown file size)
  11. The Blue Carbuncle (unknown file size)
  12. The Speckled Band (unknown file size)
  13. The Case of the Ivory Thread (unknown file size)
  14. The Golden Pince-Nez (unknown file size)
  15. The Final Problem (unknown file size)
  16. The Empty House (unknown file size)

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