The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Detective radio series with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, 1939-50
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52 shows from the Mutual Broadcasting System radio program starring Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson. The show was sponsored in 1939-40 by Grove's Bromo Quinine and later enjoyed an extended run as The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes under the sponsorship of Petri Wines. These recordings are of varying quality with most in the good to very good sound range. The files have been tagged with the most accurate information available and each file name begins with the original broadcast air date.

  1. The Adventure of the Missing Submarine Plans (67.3Mb)
  2. The Case of the Retired Colourman (6.8Mb)
  3. The Copper Beeches (6.3Mb)
  4. The Mystery of Mrs. Warren's Key (6.8Mb)
  5. The Adventure of the Missing Bloodstains (5.4Mb)
  6. The Adventure of the Superfluous Pearl (4.9Mb)
  7. The Book of Tobit (6.9Mb)
  8. The Amatuer Mendicant Society (6.9Mb)
  9. The Viennese Strangler (6.1Mb)
  10. The Notorious Canary Trainer (6.1Mb)
  11. The Unfortunate Tobacconist (6Mb)
  12. The Purloined Ruby (6.9Mb)
  13. In Flanders Field (38Mb)
  14. The Paradol Chamber (5.9Mb)
  15. The Limping Ghost (6.5Mb)
  16. Colonel Warburton's Madness (42Mb)
  17. The Case of the Out of Date Murder (37.1Mb)
  18. The Eyes of Mr. Layton (37.7Mb)
  19. The Problem of Thor Bridge (37Mb)
  20. The Vanishing Elephant (6.7Mb)
  21. The Great Gandolfo (6.7Mb)
  22. Murder by Moonlight (6.6Mb)
  23. The Fifth of November (6.8Mb)
  24. The Speckled Band (6.8Mb)
  25. The Case of the Double Zero (36.9Mb)
  26. The Case of the Accidental Murderess (6.7Mb)
  27. Murder in the Casbah (6.6Mb)
  28. A Scandal in Bohemia (34.6Mb)
  29. The Second Generation (5.8Mb)
  30. The Night Before Christmas (6.2Mb)
  31. The Strange Case of the Iron Box (32.5Mb)
  32. The Strange Case of the Murder in Wax (6.7Mb)
  33. Murder Beyond the Mountains (6.8Mb)
  34. The Tell Tale Pigeon Feathers (36.7Mb)
  35. The Strange Case of the Demon Barber (6.7Mb)
  36. The Guileless Gypsy (6.6Mb)
  37. The Camberwell Poisoning (6.8Mb)
  38. The Indiscretion of Mr. Edwards (36.8Mb)
  39. The Terrifying Cats (6.6Mb)
  40. The Submarine Caves (6.8Mb)
  41. The Living Doll (6.6Mb)
  42. The Adventure of the Blarney Stone (6.7Mb)
  43. The Girl with the Gazelle (6.5Mb)
  44. April Fools Day Adventure (6.6Mb)
  45. The Disappearing Scientists (6.7Mb)
  46. The Headless Monk (6.5Mb)
  47. The Tankerville Club Scandal (6.7Mb)
  48. The Waltz of Death (37Mb)
  49. The Man with the Twisted Lip (6.7Mb)
  50. The Haunting of Sherlock Holmes (6.7Mb)
  51. The Singular Affair of the Baconian Cipher (6.7Mb)
  52. The Adventure of the Uneasy Chair (6.6Mb)

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