The Sit Crom
English Civil War sitcom by Sue Limb

A historical sitcom by Sue Limb set in Cromwellian England.

Sir John Firebasket .,.. Joss Ackland
Lady Anne Firebasket ... Denise Coffey
Mercy (alias Melissa Ffortescue-Bottomley) ... Miriam Margolyes
Tobias Thynne ... Clive Merrison
Slow Ned/King Charles ... Chris Emmett
Father Francis ... Nickolas Grace
Gazebo Fogg ... Jack Klaff
Captain Arise Higgs ... Alun Armstrong
Posthumous ... Nicky Henson
Lettice ... Jane Witttenshaw
Bery Parnaby ... Cromwell
Peter Howell ... Colonel Thundery
Peter Hayward ... Counter Tenor

Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1990

  1. The Secret Knocke (27Mb)
  2. The General Inspection (26.5Mb)
  3. Thick Fog in All Areas (26.6Mb)
  4. A Draught of Malmesy (26.7Mb)
  5. Night Exercises (26.6Mb)
  6. The Wasps' Nest (26.7Mb)

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