The Sofa of Time

Two friends find themselves in alternative universe
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BBC Radio 4 fantasy comedy drama written by and starring Nick Frost and Matt King.

Milford and Parker get sacked from their jobs in a soft furnishings factory in Crouch End and, as they are clearing out their lockers, they fall into the magical world of Gravy.

There Milford is regarded as the chosen one who has come at last to save the people from Raamen Bod who plans to find the Sofa of Time and use it for evil purposes. It is said that those who sit on the Sofa can be transported to anywhere and to any time.

The question is whether Milford and Parker can find the Sofa, save the people of Gravy and, in doing so, find their way back to Crouch End.

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  1. There's A World In My Locker (0Mb)
  2. Where The Brave Go Shopping (0Mb)
  3. And The Hackett March On... (0Mb)
  4. Captain Chapel And The Crabs (0Mb)
  5. Night of the Sexicle (0Mb)
  6. Here Comes Bod (0Mb)

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