Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police

1930s children's serial about three spies
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Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police was a radio adventure series written by Virginia Cooke. It was centered on the adventures of Speed Gibson, a fifteen-year-old pilot who, through his uncle Clint Barlow, becomes a member of the International Secret Police. Speed was described as “a typical American boy: interested in short wave radio, aviation and most of all - The International Secret Police.”

The serial ran weekly from January 2, 1937 to May 25, 1940. 178 Episodes of the show were produced with each episode lasting approximately fifteen minutes. Elliott Lewis may have starred in the title role of Speed Gibson but this cannot be confirmed. It is believed by some that Lewis played Splinters, one of the Octopus' henchmen. Howard McNear played his uncle Clint Barlow, and John Gibson played his sidekick, Barney Dunlap, known for using such catch phrases as “Suffering wangdoodles!” Other voice actors contributing to the series were Gale Gordon as The Octopus, Hanley Stafford, Jack Mathers, Victor Rodman and Sam Edwards. The opening theme contained the drone of an airplane and the voice of an air traffic controller urgently calling, “Ceiling zero… ceiling zero… ceiling zero!”

  1. The Octopus Gang Active (2.1Mb)
  2. Speed Is Inducted into Secret Police (2.2Mb)
  3. Heading for Hong Kong (2.2Mb)
  4. A Shooting Attempt (2.1Mb)
  5. The Octopus Orders a Kidnapping (2.1Mb)
  6. Remaining at Wake Island (2.2Mb)
  7. Speed Is Missing (2.2Mb)
  8. Splinters into Custody (2.1Mb)
  9. Splinters Gets Away (2.2Mb)
  10. Barney Flies the Mystery Plane (2.2Mb)
  11. The Trio Is Ambushed on Guam (2.3Mb)
  12. The Octopus Plans a Surprise (2.3Mb)
  13. The Arrival in Hong Kong (2.2Mb)
  14. Clint Suspicious of Mr Wu (2.2Mb)
  15. Clint to Stay with Dr Kingsley (2.2Mb)
  16. Hotel Rooms Are Ransacked (2.2Mb)
  17. Marsha Is Kidnapped (2.2Mb)
  18. The Octopus Reveals Plans (2.2Mb)
  19. Disguised as Coolies (2.2Mb)
  20. Speed Is Knocked Out (2.2Mb)
  21. Leave on Bullet Plane (2.2Mb)
  22. Speed Tries to Warn Clint (2.2Mb)
  23. Shot at and Forced Down (2.3Mb)
  24. Flower Boat Is Sighted (2.3Mb)
  25. Prisoners on the Flower Boat (2.3Mb)
  26. Clint and Barney Are Captured (2.3Mb)
  27. Speed Arrives and Helps Clint and Barney (2.3Mb)
  28. Bob Gilmore Sworn into Secret Police (2.3Mb)
  29. Speed and Bob Fly to Help Dr Kingsley (2.4Mb)
  30. The Octopus' Secret Headquarters (2.3Mb)
  31. Speed Discovers the Secret Entrance (3.3Mb)
  32. A Trap Has Been Set (3.3Mb)
  33. Tunnel Fills with Water (2.3Mb)
  34. Water Continues to Rise (2.3Mb)
  35. Dynamite Must Be Used (2.3Mb)
  36. Speed Is Lost in the Tunnel (2.4Mb)
  37. Speed Is Found (2.4Mb)
  38. Barney Heads for the Hut (2.3Mb)
  39. A Teahouse Fire (2.3Mb)
  40. New Instructions from the Octopus (2.3Mb)
  41. The Octopus Continues Plans (2.4Mb)
  42. The Octopus Puts Plans into Effect (2.4Mb)
  43. Speed Thinks Quan Wu Is a Gang Member (2.4Mb)
  44. Set up in a Trap (2.4Mb)
  45. The Octopus Traps Speed and Jean (2.3Mb)
  46. Al Taken Prisoner (2.4Mb)
  47. The Octopus Escapes (2.2Mb)
  48. Hiding in a Secret Room (2.3Mb)
  49. Poison Gas Bomb Thrown (2.3Mb)
  50. How to Catch the Octopus (2.3Mb)
  51. Everyone Ready for the Trip (2.4Mb)
  52. Fighting Breaks Out (2.4Mb)
  53. Heading into Tibet (2.4Mb)
  54. The Octopus Will Go to Black Pass (2.4Mb)
  55. Following the Octopus to Tibet (2.4Mb)
  56. Monoplane Is Airborne (2.4Mb)
  57. Speed Talks with the Octopus Via Radio (2.2Mb)
  58. Follow the Dragon (2.4Mb)
  59. A Tibetan Avalanche (2.3Mb)
  60. All Narrowly Escape (2.4Mb)
  61. The Octopus Plane Spotted (2.4Mb)
  62. The Secret Police Are Jailed (2.4Mb)
  63. The Octopus Reaches Secret House (2.4Mb)
  64. Pass of the Iron Dagger (2.4Mb)
  65. Surrounding the Octopus' Secret Home (2.4Mb)
  66. Secret Police Capture the Octopus (2.4Mb)
  67. Kidnapping Plans (2.4Mb)
  68. Barney Kidnapped (2.4Mb)
  69. Thought Recording Machine (2.4Mb)
  70. A False Floor (2.4Mb)
  71. A Secret Torture Chamber (2.4Mb)
  72. Thought Helmet Taken (2.4Mb)
  73. Blank Thought Waves (2.4Mb)
  74. Barney Found Wandering (2.4Mb)
  75. Arrow Almost Hits Speed (2.3Mb)
  76. A Tibetan Feast (2.3Mb)
  77. The Octopus Visits Zee Ring's Home (2.3Mb)
  78. Picnic Planning (2.3Mb)
  79. Speed in Disguise (2.3Mb)
  80. Speed Caught by the Octopus (2.3Mb)
  81. Clint Saves Speed from Storm (2.3Mb)
  82. The Octopus Pictures to the States (2.3Mb)
  83. Marsha Winfield Held Prisoner (3.2Mb)
  84. Slave Raids Begin (3.2Mb)
  85. Clint and Speed Begin an Air Flight (2.3Mb)
  86. Marcia and Her Brother Found (2.3Mb)
  87. Splinter and Wu Are Captured (2.3Mb)
  88. Splinter Is Shot (2.3Mb)
  89. Splinter Is Cared For (2.2Mb)
  90. Splinter Is Hiding (2.3Mb)
  91. Marcia Recovers from Vapers of Sleep (2.3Mb)
  92. Shooting Breaks Out (2.3Mb)
  93. Chief Tepo Catches Pilots at Black Pass (2.3Mb)
  94. Open Radio Accident (2.3Mb)
  95. An Aerial Dog Fight (2.2Mb)
  96. Octopus Plane Crashes (2.3Mb)
  97. Ready for Attack on the Octopus (2.3Mb)
  98. Time for a Showdown (2.3Mb)
  99. The Octopus and Men Captured (2.3Mb)
  100. The Octopus Jumps from Plane in Flight (2.3Mb)
  101. Atlantian Syndicate Investigation in Africa (2.3Mb)
  102. An Airborne Fire (2.3Mb)
  103. Safe Landing Is Made (2.3Mb)
  104. Falling into a Trap (2.3Mb)
  105. No Water Aboard the Plane (2.3Mb)
  106. The Time Bomb (2Mb)
  107. Leeds Kills Himself (2.3Mb)
  108. Davis Shot by Octopus Gang (2.3Mb)
  109. Davis Killed (2.3Mb)
  110. The Octopus Is Still Alive (2.2Mb)
  111. An Octopus Gunboat Outside (2.2Mb)
  112. Trapped in Cave with No Water (1.7Mb)
  113. Everyone Rescued (1.9Mb)
  114. Marie Is Stowaway (2.3Mb)
  115. Smiley Is Missing (2.3Mb)
  116. Is Smiley Dead (2.3Mb)
  117. Messenger Arrives (2.3Mb)
  118. Angry Crowd at Casablanca (1.7Mb)
  119. Airport Disguise (2.3Mb)
  120. Octopus Gang Moves In (2.2Mb)
  121. Power Magazine Plan (2.3Mb)
  122. Stop Plans for Explosion (2.3Mb)
  123. Speed, Clint and Carlos in a Bad Storm (2.3Mb)
  124. Dropping a Signal (1.8Mb)
  125. A Poison Dart (2.2Mb)
  126. The Octopus' Old Headquarters (2.2Mb)
  127. Plan Flight to the Sahara Desert (2.2Mb)
  128. Fly to Legionnaire Outpost (2.2Mb)
  129. Attack Repelled (2.2Mb)
  130. Bad Sand Storm (2.6Mb)
  131. Clint Lands in the Desert (2.2Mb)
  132. Discovered in the Desert (2.2Mb)
  133. Octopus Learns Their Location (2.2Mb)
  134. Tricks by the Octopus (3.3Mb)
  135. A Ring Gets Them out of Jail (2.2Mb)
  136. The Octopus Visits Are Explained (1.6Mb)
  137. Enemy Plane Crashes (2.2Mb)
  138. Boating Down the Congo (2.2Mb)
  139. Speed Is Confronted by a Leopard (2.2Mb)
  140. Leaving Camp (2.2Mb)
  141. Clint Rescues Mrs Buchanan (2.2Mb)
  142. Search for John Buchanan (1.7Mb)
  143. Barney Hypnotized by Wings of Giant Moth (2.2Mb)
  144. Troubles with a Boa Constrictor (2.1Mb)
  145. Fumes Overcome Everyone (2.1Mb)
  146. In the Path of Cannibal Ants (2.2Mb)
  147. The Octopus Suspects Trap (2.2Mb)
  148. Warriors Help in Searching for Hq (1.7Mb)
  149. Native Attack Near Octopus Headquarters (2.1Mb)
  150. Attack Stopped with Elephant Stampede (2.2Mb)
  151. Search of Headquarters Started (2.2Mb)
  152. Saved from Suffocating (2.2Mb)
  153. Leaving for Gorilla Country (3.4Mb)
  154. The Octopus Prepares Death Ray (2.4Mb)
  155. The Octopus Overheard on the Radio (3.3Mb)
  156. Elephant Grass Fire (3.3Mb)
  157. A Jungle Crash Landing (3.3Mb)
  158. Surprise Meeting with Natives (3.3Mb)
  159. Barney Confronted by Talking Gorilla (3.3Mb)
  160. Talking Gorilla Starts Attack (2.6Mb)
  161. Entire Camp Captured (2.3Mb)
  162. Octopus Packs up Death Ray Machine (2.3Mb)
  163. Everyone Escapes Gorilla Attack (3.3Mb)
  164. All Are Caught in Jungle Storm (3.3Mb)
  165. John Buchanan Found in Hut (3.3Mb)
  166. Surrounded by Pygmy Headhunters (2.4Mb)
  167. Safe Take-Off (3.3Mb)
  168. Speed Missing Again (3.3Mb)
  169. The Octopus Waits (3.3Mb)
  170. Car Crash (3.3Mb)
  171. Octopus Gang Member Is Questioned (3.3Mb)
  172. Clint Worries About Landing (2.7Mb)
  173. Clint's Plane Catches on Fire (3.3Mb)
  174. An Octopus Agent Confesses to Fire (3.3Mb)
  175. Desert Raiders Attack (3.3Mb)
  176. Octopus Camp Is Reached (3.3Mb)
  177. Death Ray Blown Up (3.3Mb)
  178. The Octopus Finally Captured (2.6Mb)

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