Spine Chillers
BBC audio dramas from 1984

A series of five chilling plays from 1984. Rebroadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra in Jan 2017.

1 - Figures (by Colin Haydn Evans) 45 mins
As soon as Ann saw the house she knew it had to be hers. Its past turns out to be part of her future.
So all she has to do is sit in the upstairs room - kept locked for so long - and wait...
Stars Anna Massey as Ann, Blain Fairman as Ralph Symons, Jill Lidstone as Rebecca Symons and Jon Strickland as Peter Fuller.

2 - Mrs M (by David Campton) 45 mins
Mrs Meadowsweet offers visitors to her country guesthouse a truly carefree holiday. Everybody is so happy. A little vague perhaps, but certainly happy. Newcomers Madge and Arthur are suspicious, but can Mrs M convert them? Stars Rosemary Leach as Mrs Meadowsweet, Anne Jameson as Madge and Roger Hume as Arthur.

3 - Origami (by Jill Hyem) 45 mins
Mr Shimojo takes a room in Mrs Bestall's house, but his presence seems to spark a horrifying chain of events. With Sean Barrett.

4 - Dracula in White (by Peter Redgrove) 45 mins
Prisoners up and down the country seem to be disappearing mysteriously from Her Majesty's jails. Fearing they've been used as guinea-pigs in some unspeakable experiments, TV journalist Joanna sets out on a perilous course to verify her worst suspicions... Stars Maggie McCarthy as Joanna, Benjamin Whitrow as Dr Exeter- White and Jerold Wells as Sam Mellish.

5 - Witch Water Green (by Don Webb) 60 mins
Barbara Tate and her baby girl are on their own in their new home - a converted mill - deep in the country. The move's been a strain as she's lonely and the baby's unsettled. But there's another reason for the disquiet she feels.... somewhere. With Pam Ferris as Barbara Tate, Jenny Lee as Dr Jane Rayner, Nigel Anthony as Rev Roy Brown, Brian Southwood as Johnny Goad and Kate Lee as Wendy Williams.

  1. "Figures" (35.4Mb)
  2. "Mrs M" (40.7Mb)
  3. "Origami" (40.4Mb)
  4. "Dracula in White" (39.6Mb)
  5. "Witch Water Green" (51.1Mb)

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