Stop Messing About
Kenneth Williams series

Stop Messing About was the follow-up to Round the Horne starring Kenneth Williams, with Hugh Paddick and Joan Sims. The announcer was Douglas Smith.

The sudden death of Kenneth Horne, at the end of series four of Round the Horne prompted a rewrite of the material intended for series five which then found its way into Stop Messing About alongside new sketches; Round the Horne writers Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke are therefore credited with series one of Stop Messing About, while series two, which was entirely original, was written by Myles Rudge.

The title of the show was a catchphrase coined for Williams by Galton and Simpson back in the days of Hancock's Half Hour. Hugh Paddick and announcer Douglas Smith were retained from Round the Horne, starring alongside Joan Sims, who had already signed on for the fifth series of Round the Horne in place of Betty Marsden and therefore made a smooth transition to Stop Messing About.

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  1. S1E01 Across The River And Into The Trees (0Mb)
  2. S1E02 Squire Jasper (0Mb)
  3. S1E03 Isadora - Time To Finish The Show (0Mb)
  4. S1E04 2002 A Space Oddity - Highwayman (0Mb)
  5. S1E05 Oliver Stick - Searching For A Submarine (0Mb)
  6. S1E06 Fanny Girl - Stomach Pains (0Mb)
  7. S1E07 Your Place Or Mine (0Mb)
  8. S1E08 Sleepless (0Mb)
  9. S1E09 Romeo And Juliet - The Monster (0Mb)
  10. S1E10 Astronauts (0Mb)
  11. S1E11 The Adventures Of Dando Tweekshaft - Interrogation (0Mb)
  12. S1E12 Forced Entry (0Mb)
  13. S1E13 There's A Man (0Mb)
  14. S2E01 Drink Driving (0Mb)
  15. S2E02 The Smith Report (0Mb)
  16. S2E03 A Special Day (0Mb)
  17. S2E04 Anti-Noise Society (0Mb)
  18. S2E05 Hideous Creature (0Mb)
  19. S2E06 A Trip To Paris (0Mb)
  20. S2E07 The 1812 Overture (0Mb)
  21. S2E08 Court Ocular (0Mb)
  22. S2E09 Frank Sinatra (0Mb)
  23. S2E10 The Smiths (0Mb)
  24. S2E11 Cycling With No Lights (0Mb)
  25. S2E12 Smoking In Class (0Mb)
  26. S2E13 Strip Poker (0Mb)

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