Stop Messing About
Kenneth Williams' radio sketch show from 1969/70.

Stop Messing About was a BBC radio series broadcast in 1969 and 1970. Made after Kenneth Horne's death, a number of key talents from Round the Horne were retained and recast, with Kenneth Williams as the new show's main star. Round the Horne writers Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke are credited with series one of Stop Messing About, while series two, which was entirely original, was written by Myles Rudge.

Stop Messing About was recast as a vehicle for Kenneth Williams, who on the day of the first transmission wrote in his diary that "It was mediocre and played to a half empty house ... Joan said 'Let's face it dear, our careers are in the ash can...'" Of a later edition, however, he wrote that "It went like a bomb. I was very pleased with the marvellous reception ... and it's a triumph in the face of the terrible adversity of KH's death."

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  1. Across the River and Into the Trees (0Mb)
  2. Squire Jasper (0Mb)
  3. Time to Wind Up the Show (0Mb)
  4. The Highwayman (0Mb)
  5. Searching for a Submarine (0Mb)
  6. Stomach Pains (0Mb)
  7. My Place or Yours (0Mb)
  8. Sleepless (0Mb)
  9. The Monster (0Mb)
  10. Astronauts (0Mb)
  11. The Adventures of Dando Tweekshaft (0Mb)
  12. Forced Entry (0Mb)
  13. There's a Man (0Mb)
  14. Drink Driving (0Mb)
  15. The Smith Report (0Mb)
  16. A Special Day (0Mb)
  17. Anti Noise Society (0Mb)
  18. Hideous Creature (0Mb)
  19. A Trip To Paris (0Mb)
  20. The Smiths (0Mb)
  21. Cycling With No Lights (0Mb)
  22. Smoking in Class (0Mb)
  23. 1812 Overture (0Mb)
  24. Court Ocular (0Mb)
  25. Frank Sinatra (0Mb)
  26. Strip Poker (0Mb)

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