Self Storage

Series about a man living in a storage unit
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In the wake of a marital break-up, Dave finds himself living in the storage unit in which he keeps his belongings. Dave is accompanied by his fellow inhabitant, the borderline psychotic Geoff, and cultured security guard Ron.

In series one Dave, having been dismissed from his job, is coming to terms with his marriage break-up. He books a pod in a self-storage unit, intending to keep his life possessions there. However, when he realises that he hasn't arranged somewhere to stay, he is forced to store himself alongside his stuff.

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  1. The Storage Unit (0Mb)
  2. House Hunting (0Mb)
  3. Job Hunting (0Mb)
  4. Family (0Mb)
  5. Dating (0Mb)
  6. Leaving (0Mb)

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