Stories of Sherlock Holmes

1980s South African radio series
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Stories of Sherlock Holmes ran on South African 'Springbok Radio' in the early 1980s. It starred Graham Armitage as Sherlock and Kerry Jordan as Watson. Watson is no longer the bumbling mumbling Watson of Nigel Bruce. The stories do not attempt to stick to the original Conan Doyle canon.

  1. The Waldhausen (9.4Mb)
  2. Field Bazaar, T (10.8Mb)
  3. Beaumont Affair (6.9Mb)
  4. A Matter Of Con (10.5Mb)
  5. Snow of Brendan (10.4Mb)
  6. Model Wife, The (7.7Mb)
  7. Baselton Estate (10.3Mb)
  8. Gray Goose, The (10.4Mb)
  9. Auction Of The (13Mb)
  10. Matter of Deduc (11.1Mb)
  11. Missing Invento (10.9Mb)
  12. Eldest Son, The (9.5Mb)
  13. Fog Over London (13.8Mb)
  14. Pushkin Papers (10Mb)
  15. Runaway Runner, (10.5Mb)
  16. Greater Price, (12.9Mb)
  17. Friend In Need, (10.9Mb)
  18. Lizard's Point (11.3Mb)
  19. Italian Intrigu (11.2Mb)
  20. Bloemhof Diamon (7.9Mb)
  21. Item of Cartogr (10.4Mb)
  22. Man Who Loved B (11.1Mb)
  23. Hollow Victory, (10.5Mb)
  24. Rubber Faced Ma (11.5Mb)
  25. David Rensberg' (11.1Mb)
  26. Lack Of Evidenc (10.8Mb)
  27. The Sarussi Pea (34Mb)
  28. Man Who Came In (8.6Mb)
  29. Rayner Road Cas (10.6Mb)
  30. A Friend In Nee (10.9Mb)
  31. A Hollow Victor (10.5Mb)
  32. A Problem At Ox (9.1Mb)
  33. Counter Assassi (9Mb)
  34. Curious Case of (9.5Mb)
  35. Death at Long O (8.9Mb)
  36. Final Problem, (9.6Mb)
  37. His Last Bow (11.8Mb)
  38. Kraut End Myste (9.1Mb)
  39. Longworth Cove (9.9Mb)
  40. Neen River Myst (10.8Mb)
  41. Porter Mews Mys (10.5Mb)
  42. Problem at Oxfo (9.1Mb)
  43. Return of Irene (10.7Mb)
  44. Shrunken Head, (9Mb)
  45. Spanish Doctor, (11.2Mb)
  46. The Crouch End (9.1Mb)
  47. Tragedy at Nett (11.3Mb)
  48. Tragedy at Porr (9.2Mb)
  49. Unpaid Debt, Th (10.7Mb)
  50. Vanishing Quake (10.8Mb)
  51. Young Visitor, (10.5Mb)
  52. The Longworth (9.9Mb)

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