Strong Poison
Lord Peter Wimsey mystery by Dorothy L Sayers

Lord Peter investigates the case of a novelist accused of murdering her lover. Dorothy L Sayers adaptation starring Ian Carmichael as Lord Peter Wimsey, Peter Jones as Mervyn Bunter, Carleton Hobbs as the Judge, Charlotte Mitchell as the Dowager Duchess, Ann Bell as Harriet Vane and Stephen Thorne as the Attorney-General, Ambrosine Phillpotts as Miss Climpson, and Gabriel Woolf as Chief Inspector Parker.

Episode 1 - Old BaileyLord Peter Wimsey attends the trial of Harriet Vane, a young mystery writer accused of poisoning her former lover with arsenic. The evidence against her seems overwhelming, but the shrewd, debonair sleuthharbours doubts over her guilt.Episode 2  - Ten Minutes in BloomsburyUpper crust sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey enlists inside help to try and clear authoress Harriet Vane. Episode 3 - Norman UrquhartLord Peter Wimsey ponders a changed will, and whether Harriet's lover took his own life. Episode 4 - Miss MurchisonChristmas interrupts Lord Peter Wimsey's investigation, but some suspicious powder isn't what it seems. Episode 5 - PongoLord Peter Wimsey's trail goes cold, until a stolen will brings fresh enlightenment. Episode 6 - Turkish DelightCan Lord Peter Wimsey finally clear Harriet Vane's name and persuade her to take his?

  1. The Old Bailey (27Mb)
  2. Ten Minutes In Bloomsbury (27Mb)
  3. Norman Urquhart (26.8Mb)
  4. Miss Murchison (26.8Mb)
  5. Pongo (27.1Mb)
  6. Turkish Delight (26.9Mb)

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