Isy Suttie's Love Letters

Lessons in life and love
from archive.org

In these unique stories, Isy Suttie recounts a series of love stories affecting people she's known throughout her life. Through stories and songs, the award winning comedian tells us about other people's journeys - towards or away from - a variety of romances.

Sometimes Isy has merely observed other people's love lives; quite often she's intervened, changing the action dramatically - for better or worse. Intertwined within these stories are real life anecdotes and songs from Isy's own, often disastrous, love life.

With her multi-character and vocal skills, plus her guitar, Isy creates a hilarious and deeply moving world, sharing with us her lessons in life and love.

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  1. Peter and Anne (0Mb)
  2. Mr. Mississippi and Lorna (0Mb)
  3. Claire and Leigh (0Mb)
  4. Bob and Marie (0Mb)
  5. Eleanor and Mr. Woodfield (0Mb)
  6. Rosa and Matthew (0Mb)
  7. Crank (0Mb)
  8. George and Louise (0Mb)

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