Sven from Swiss Cottage

Peter Cook's phone-in calls to LBC Radio
from stabbers.truth.posiweb.net

Between 1988 and 1992, under the guise of Sven, the Norwegian Fisherman, Peter Cook took to calling Clive Bull's late night/early morning show on LBC Radio.

The calls were often tinged with [mock?] sadness, detailing Sven's despair at the state of his relationship with his wife Yuta, and of course fish.

  1. The Fish Hour (2.2Mb)
  2. Mystery Sound (2Mb)
  3. Back from L.A. (2.1Mb)
  4. Football (4Mb)
  5. Ingeborg (2.5Mb)
  6. Drugs (2Mb)
  7. The Last Call (3.1Mb)

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