Take It From Here
BBC radio comedy that ran from 1948 to 1960

Take It from Here (often referred to as TIFH, pronounced - and sometimes humorously spelt - "TIFE") was a British radio comedy programme broadcast by the BBC between 1948 and 1960. It was written by Frank Muir and Denis Norden, and starred Jimmy Edwards, Dick Bentley and Joy Nichols. When Nichols moved to New York City in 1953, she was replaced by June Whitfield and Alma Cogan. The show is best remembered for introducing The Glums. Through TIFH Muir and Norden reinvented British post-war radio comedy - amongst other influences, it was one of the first shows with a significant segment consisting of parody of film and book styles, later used extensively in programmes such as Round the Horne and in many television comedy series.

  1. Tiptoe Through The Tulips (7Mb)
  2. Balling The Jack (6.9Mb)
  3. Listener Research (5.4Mb)
  4. The Bentley Boy (5.8Mb)
  5. Every Little While (6.5Mb)
  6. Little Girl (6.7Mb)
  7. Taking Miss Mary To The Ball (6.8Mb)
  8. Royal Navy Barracks (5.3Mb)
  9. Desert Island Risks (5.4Mb)
  10. In The Park In Paree (6.9Mb)
  11. The Apple Song (6.7Mb)
  12. Horse Racing (6.5Mb)
  13. Down By The Station (6.5Mb)
  14. Robin Hood (6.7Mb)
  15. Remember Me (6.7Mb)
  16. Kiss Me Sweet (6.6Mb)
  17. Confidentially (6.5Mb)
  18. Hopscotch Polka (5.9Mb)
  19. Thats My Weakness Now (6.9Mb)
  20. My Grandfathers Clock (6.8Mb)
  21. Policemans Holiday (6.7Mb)
  22. Six Times A Week (6.8Mb)
  23. Because You Kissed Me Goodnight (6.8Mb)
  24. Strawberry Fair (6.8Mb)
  25. Juvenile Deliquency (6.9Mb)
  26. Now It Can Be Sold (6.4Mb)
  27. No Better Than She Should Be (6.3Mb)
  28. Lady Godiva (6.4Mb)
  29. Outside Of Helen (6.5Mb)
  30. Of Martian Men (6.6Mb)
  31. Hup The Working Classes (7Mb)
  32. Rock And Roll (7Mb)
  33. Pygmalion (6.2Mb)
  34. Mona Lisa (6.3Mb)
  35. The Country Doctor (6.3Mb)
  36. Dinner For One Please James (6.4Mb)
  37. Rasputin (6.3Mb)
  38. The Highwaymen (6.3Mb)
  39. Breach Of Promise (6.3Mb)
  40. Sacred Scarab (6.3Mb)
  41. The American Couple (6.3Mb)
  42. Shangri La (6.5Mb)
  43. First Husband (6.4Mb)
  44. Henry Viii (6.3Mb)
  45. Cornish Smugglers (6.3Mb)
  46. Palaeolithic Man (6.3Mb)
  47. The Tea Room Trio (6.5Mb)
  48. The Student Prince (6.3Mb)
  49. American Cop Movie (6.3Mb)
  50. Court Martial Of Major Beamish (5.8Mb)
  51. Africa Story (6.5Mb)
  52. The Clifton Suspension Bridge (6.4Mb)
  53. Harley Street Surgeon (6.3Mb)
  54. Maltravers Grange (6.3Mb)
  55. New Headmistress (6.3Mb)
  56. Escaped Convict (6.3Mb)
  57. Ron Plans To Emigrate (6.4Mb)
  58. Hiawatha (5.9Mb)
  59. Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde (6.5Mb)
  60. Boa Jim Air Charter (6.5Mb)
  61. Probation Officer (6.4Mb)
  62. Lighthouse Keepers (6.3Mb)
  63. Monte Carlo Casino (6.3Mb)
  64. Invisible Man (6.3Mb)
  65. Pepe Le Moko (6.3Mb)
  66. Sex Change Operation (6.3Mb)
  67. Lucrezia Borgia (6.3Mb)
  68. Circus Story (6.3Mb)
  69. King Arthur (6.3Mb)
  70. Matrimonial Agency (6.3Mb)
  71. Madame Butterfly (6.5Mb)
  72. The Country Doctor (6.8Mb)
  73. The Iron Duke (6.3Mb)
  74. Robin Hood (6.4Mb)
  75. The Murder Trial (5.9Mb)
  76. The Pantomime Horse (6.3Mb)
  77. The Prison Governors Story (6.3Mb)
  78. William Tell (6.4Mb)
  79. Marple Hall School (6.1Mb)
  80. The World War 2 Boffin (6.2Mb)
  81. The Scarlet Pimple (6.5Mb)
  82. Cowboy Story (6.2Mb)
  83. Harrys High Class Hairdressing (6.4Mb)
  84. The David Dunhill Murder (6.4Mb)
  85. Ron Goes On Money Or Nothing (7Mb)
  86. The Glums Take In A Lodger (6.6Mb)
  87. Ron The Babysitter (6.5Mb)
  88. The Sale Priced Bedroom Suite (6.7Mb)
  89. Rons Will Bequest (6.7Mb)
  90. Ron Gets Amnesia (6.9Mb)
  91. How Ron And Eth First Met (6.9Mb)
  92. Birthday Boy (3.5Mb)
  93. Ron Plans To Emigrate (6.5Mb)
  94. Burgled By Uncle Charlie (3.4Mb)
  95. Rons Birth Certificate (6.4Mb)
  96. Mr Glum Stuck In The Bath (3Mb)
  97. Consent Battle (6.1Mb)
  98. Rons Lucky Day (6.1Mb)
  99. The Glums Dine Out (6.1Mb)
  100. The Glums Visit Eths Father (6.8Mb)
  101. Cousin Wilbraham Arrives (6.4Mb)
  102. Rons Tatoo (6.2Mb)
  103. Mrs Glum Leaves (6.1Mb)
  104. How Ron And Eth Became Engaged (6.9Mb)
  105. Glums House On Fire (6.1Mb)
  106. Rons Head Caught In The Park (6.1Mb)
  107. The Glums Bagwash Service (6.2Mb)
  108. Ron The Artists Model (6.1Mb)
  109. The Train Trip To Brighton (6.2Mb)
  110. Eths Tax Refund (6.6Mb)
  111. Ron The Budgerigar Teacher (5.9Mb)
  112. 10th Anniversary Edition (6.6Mb)
  113. Next Doors Furniture (6.7Mb)
  114. Eths Old Flame (6.7Mb)
  115. Eth Is Accused Of Stealing (6.8Mb)
  116. Rons New Suit (6.7Mb)
  117. Daddys Boy (6.7Mb)
  118. A Saga Of Sixpence (6.8Mb)
  119. Rons Grandfather (7.1Mb)
  120. Mr Glums Permission (6.6Mb)
  121. The Glums Move A Bed (5.9Mb)
  122. Ron Joins The Police (6.5Mb)
  123. Ron Needs A Dinner Suit (7.2Mb)
  124. The Christmas Raffle (7.1Mb)
  125. Christmas Hide And Seek (6.4Mb)
  126. Ron Changes His Name (6.3Mb)
  127. The Glums Are Locked In A Store (6.7Mb)
  128. Ron Gets Trapped In A Sofa Bed (6.6Mb)
  129. Ron And Eths Wedding Reception (7.1Mb)
  130. Mr Glum Tries To Sell The House (6.9Mb)
  131. Ron And Eth Plan To Elope (6.4Mb)
  132. Ron And Eth Inspect A Flat (6.5Mb)
  133. Honeymoon Promise (6.7Mb)
  134. The Eternity Ring (6.7Mb)
  135. Rons Steamship Job (6Mb)
  136. Ron And Eths Wedding Day (6.5Mb)
  137. Ron Feigns Amnesia (5.6Mb)
  138. Ron Is Taken To The Pictures (5.3Mb)
  139. Ron Regains His Memory (5.3Mb)
  140. Ron Learns French (6.9Mb)
  141. Ron The Actor (5.5Mb)
  142. Ron The Athlete (5.5Mb)
  143. Mr Glum Writes A Letter (6.8Mb)
  144. Ron The Newspaperboy (5.6Mb)
  145. The Glums Go Carol Singing (5.6Mb)
  146. The Christmas Party (6.7Mb)
  147. The Light That Failed (5.9Mb)
  148. The Fancy Dress Ball (7Mb)
  149. Rons New Suit (7Mb)
  150. The Masked Bandit (5.7Mb)
  151. Ron Learns Ju Jitsu (6.3Mb)
  152. The Masked Bandit (7.1Mb)
  153. Mrs Glum Leaves (7Mb)
  154. Mr Glum Sells The Furniture (7.1Mb)
  155. Ron Learns To Swim (7Mb)
  156. The Glums Leave For Australia (7Mb)

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