Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle

1950s radio adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs adventure stories
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Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle ran from 1951 to 1953. The Commodore Productions and Artists, Inc. production of Tarzan contains 75 episodes that were aired in 1951 and 1952.

From the Old Time Radio Researchers Group.

  1. Tarzan and the Decoy (6.3Mb)
  2. Tarzan and Black Ivory (6.3Mb)
  3. Tarzan and the Hooded Death (6.3Mb)
  4. Tarzan and the Manuema (6.3Mb)
  5. Tarzan and the Siren of Omdur Mara (6Mb)
  6. Black Gold of Africa (6Mb)
  7. Tarzan and the Coward (5.9Mb)
  8. The Female of the Specie (5.9Mb)
  9. The End of the World (6Mb)
  10. Across a Continent (6Mb)
  11. Tarzan and the Killer (6.2Mb)
  12. Jungle Legacy (6.1Mb)
  13. Jungle Orchids (5.9Mb)
  14. Gold Coast Robbery (6Mb)
  15. Life or Death (6Mb)
  16. D for Diamonds and Death (6Mb)
  17. Tarzan and the Pirates of Cape Bandeira (5.9Mb)
  18. Contraband (6.1Mb)
  19. Lake of Blood (5.9Mb)
  20. Congo Magic (6.1Mb)
  21. Jungle Heat (5.9Mb)
  22. Jungle Hijackers (6Mb)
  23. Tarzan and the Stranger (6.1Mb)
  24. Arab Vengeance (6.1Mb)
  25. Tarzan in Captivity (6.1Mb)
  26. Gold of the Sudan (6Mb)
  27. Stolen Jewels (6Mb)
  28. Drum Without a Heart (5.9Mb)
  29. Terror at Night (6Mb)
  30. Trouble off San Lorenca (6Mb)
  31. Curse of the Pharaohs (6Mb)
  32. Headhunters of Yambesi (6Mb)
  33. Trophy Room (6.1Mb)
  34. Tarzan's Mistake (5.9Mb)
  35. Death Has Small Wings (6Mb)
  36. Tarzan's Magic Amulet (6Mb)
  37. The Strange Book of Araby (6Mb)
  38. Cathedral of the Congo (6Mb)
  39. City of Sleep (6Mb)
  40. Jungle Odds (5.9Mb)
  41. All Presumed Dead (6Mb)
  42. Small Packages (6Mb)
  43. Ghost of the Karmiki (5.9Mb)
  44. Adventure on the Road to Timbuktu (6.1Mb)
  45. Strange Island (6Mb)
  46. Message to Fort Shabier (6Mb)
  47. African Thanksgiving (6Mb)
  48. Hunter's Fury (6Mb)
  49. Trouble Comes in Pairs (5.8Mb)
  50. Congo Murder (6Mb)
  51. Congo Christmas (6Mb)
  52. The Hand of Death (5.9Mb)
  53. Tarzan and the Man from Another World (6Mb)
  54. Quicksands of Wadi Hara (6Mb)
  55. The Trail of Death (6.1Mb)
  56. Killer at Large (6Mb)
  57. First Prize - Death (6.1Mb)
  58. Paradise Island (6.1Mb)
  59. Demon of Rongu (5.9Mb)
  60. Tarzan and the Simba Hodari (6.1Mb)
  61. Omen of the Emerald (25.1Mb)
  62. The Volcano of the Sun (23.4Mb)
  63. Jungle Smoke (24.3Mb)
  64. Evidence Destroyed (6.1Mb)
  65. Tarzan and the Missing Element (5.1Mb)
  66. Rays of Death aka New Death (24Mb)
  67. Tarzan and the Lypagor (5.8Mb)
  68. Tarzan and the Hot Rod Kid (6Mb)
  69. The Mask of Monatiki (6Mb)
  70. None So Blind (5.7Mb)
  71. The American Family Robinson (6.1Mb)
  72. Tarzan and the Long Journey (24.4Mb)
  73. Tarzan and the Arena of Death (24Mb)
  74. The Night Riders of Tomkia (4.8Mb)
  75. Two In The Bush (5.5Mb)

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