My Turn To Make The Tea

Adaptation of a story about a junior reporter in the 1950s
from archive.org

Early 1950s: Poppy is the junior reporter on the Downingham Post, where it's always her turn to make the tea.

She takes lodgings with the formidable Mrs Goff and discovers something sinister under the bed...

Semi-autobiographical story by Monica Dickens, first published in 1951.

Starring Alice Hart and Keith Barron.

Adapted in four parts by Sheila Goff.

Poppy .... Alice Hart
Mr Pellet .... Keith Barron
Mrs Goff .... Marlene Sidaway
Maimie .... Annabelle Dowler
Victor .... Stephen Critchlow
Mike .... Peter Darney
Joe .... Martin Hyder
Marjorie .... Jemma Elder

  1. The Stain On The Carpet (43.3Mb)
  2. Look Out Behind You (41.6Mb)
  3. The Anarchist In The Basement (44.7Mb)
  4. The Soldier And The Dancer (43.1Mb)

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