Paul Temple Intervenes
Crime-fighting team of a novelist and a journalist

Carl Bernard stars as Paul Temple and Bernadette Hodgson as his wife Steve. From 1938 to 1969, the fictional crime novelist and detective Paul Temple, together with his Fleet Street journalist wife Steve, solved case after case in one of BBC radio's most popular series. They inhabited a sophisticated world of chilled cocktails and fast cars, where the women were chic and the men wore cravats - a world where Sir Graham Forbes, of Scotland Yard, usually needed Paul's help with his latest tricky case.

  1. The Marquis (24.2Mb)
  2. Concerning Sir Felix Reybourn (25.8Mb)
  3. Kellaway Manor (25.9Mb)
  4. A Warning from the Marquis (24.1Mb)
  5. Paul Temple Keeps an Appointment (23.7Mb)
  6. Above Suspicion (24.3Mb)
  7. The October Hotel (25.4Mb)
  8. Introducing... The Marquis (25.6Mb)

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