Terence McKenna with Art Bell

Four Terence McKenna interviews from Coast to Coast AM
from archive.org

Art Bell interviews with the American ethnobotanist and mystic, from the late 1990s.

"See, in the west we have inherited from Newton what is called the idea of pure duration, which is simply that time is sort of a place where things are placed so that they don't all happen at once; in other words, it's used as quality-less, it's an abstraction. In fact, I think when we carry out a complete analysis of time, I think what we're going to discover is that like matter, time is composed of elemental, discrete types. All matter, organic and inorganic matter, is composed of 104, 108 elements ... there's some argument. Time, on the other hand, is thought to be this featureless, qualityless medium, but as we experience it, as living feeling creatures, time has qualities. There are times when everything seems to go right, and times when everything seems to go wrong ..."

  1. (97-05-22) Timewave Zero (30.8Mb)
  2. (98-03-19) The Psychedelic Experience (19.6Mb)
  3. (99-04-01) April Fool's Y2K (88.7Mb)
  4. (99-06-16) Terence Says Goodbye (19Mb)

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