Thank You, Jeeves
Wodehouse dramatisation


Bertie Wooster was indignant-and with reason. The neighbors had dared to make a fuss about the assiduous practicing of his beloved banjolele. But a further blow was to come. "If," said Jeeves, "it is really your intention to continue playing that instrument, I have no option but to leave." Haughtily rejecting this ultimatum, Bertie sought refuge in a cottage owned by his buddy, Lord Chuffington. But the peace and quiet were rudely shattered by the arrival of Pauline Stoker-to whom he was once unnervingly engaged-and her formidable father, who saw in Bertie a pestilential suitor barmy to the core.

Adapted by: Chris Miller
Banjolele played by: Billy Bell
Producer: Peter Titheradge
Jeeves: Michael Hordern
Bertie Wooster: Richard Briers
Lord Chuffnell: Clive Francis
Pauline Stoker: Connie Booth
Sir Roderick Glossop: John Graham
Seabury: Jo Manning-Wilson

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