The ABC of Atoms

LibriVox recording of Bertrand Russell's book on chemistry and physics
from archive.org

LibriVox recording of The ABC of Atoms by Bertrand Russell.
Read in English by MaybeCordelia; Owlivia; J. M. Smallheer; Arden; Rick Jay; jennyvoix; justforfun123; Usha Ganesh
A short introductory book about atoms, subatomic particles and new (at that time) physics theories.
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M4B Audiobook (93MB)

  1. Introductory (9.2Mb)
  2. The Periodic Law (12.6Mb)
  3. Electrons and Nuclei (15.4Mb)
  4. The Hydrogen Spectrum (14.3Mb)
  5. Possible States of the Hydrogen Atom (10.7Mb)
  6. The Theory of Quanta (7.4Mb)
  7. Refinements of the Hydrogen Spectrum (17Mb)
  8. Rings of Electrons (12.4Mb)
  9. X-Rays (12.7Mb)
  10. Radio-Activity (14.7Mb)
  11. The Structure of Nuclei (12.4Mb)
  12. The New Physics and the Wave Theory of Light (12Mb)
  13. The New Physics and Relativity (14Mb)

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