The AFRO Collection

Clips of American talk radio series Opie & Anthony
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(A) nthony Cumia
(F) ez Whatley
(R) on Bennington
(O) pie Hughes

When they joined forces it always produced good results. The two shows who had the best and longest running relationship in all of radio, Opie & Anthony and Ron & Fez. Here are some old audio clips, mostly from WNEW, where it was AFRO in studio.

  1. no title (41.2Mb)
  2. no title (33.1Mb)
  3. 07-22-2002 (39.9Mb)
  4. Anthony Calling into Ron & Fez (0.2Mb)
  5. FriOct242003-pt03 (0.9Mb)
  6. no title (11.9Mb)
  7. O&A Specials - 2010 - Worst of AFRO (117.6Mb)
  8. no title (2.4Mb)
  9. no title (10.9Mb)
  10. Fezzie's Li'l Breakdown (21.2Mb)
  11. no title (2.6Mb)
  12. no title (21.9Mb)
  13. no title (10.5Mb)
  14. no title (4.7Mb)
  15. no title (5.7Mb)

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