The American Trail

1953 historically accurate drama serial
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"The American Trail" is a 1953, historically correct serial-drama, which accurately chronicles American History - including the Lewis & Clarke Expedition & the exploration and settlement of the American West.

Sponsored by The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Ladies Auxiliary.

  1. Dispatch to New York (2.9Mb)
  2. The Northwest Ordinance (2.9Mb)
  3. The Louisiana Purchase (2.8Mb)
  4. The Lewis & Clark Expedition (2.8Mb)
  5. Samuel Slater's Machine (2.8Mb)
  6. The Golden Ocean (2.8Mb)
  7. The Magic Wire (2.9Mb)
  8. On To Monterey (2.7Mb)
  9. The California Gold Rush (2.9Mb)
  10. The Rich Desert (2.9Mb)
  11. The New South (2.8Mb)
  12. The Blue Yonder (2.7Mb)
  13. The Brave Flag (2.9Mb)

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