Theater Guild on the Air

Old-time radio anthology series
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Episodes of the old-time radio anthology series "Theater Guild on the Air".

Sponsored by US Steel, this old time radio series produced classic and contemporary plays live and was one of the most popular Broadway drama shows of all time.

  1. Jacobowsky and the Colonel (17Mb)
  2. The Guardsman (23Mb)
  3. Ah, Wilderness (13.3Mb)
  4. Sing Out, Sweet Land (27.8Mb)
  5. At Mrs Beam's (17.9Mb)
  6. Emperor Jones / Where the Cross Is Made (13.4Mb)
  7. Pride and Prejudice (13Mb)
  8. Mornings at Seven (54.5Mb)
  9. Elizabeth, the Queen (14.1Mb)
  10. Ned McCobb's Daughter (13.6Mb)
  11. The Royal Family (12.5Mb)
  12. Little Women (27Mb)
  13. Knickerbocker Holiday (13.4Mb)
  14. Three Men on a Horse (17Mb)
  15. The Silver Cord (23.8Mb)
  16. The Second Man (25.1Mb)
  17. On Borrowed Time (25.2Mb)
  18. Dead End (20.4Mb)
  19. Strange Interlude Part 2 (13.6Mb)
  20. Seven Keys to Baldpate (19.6Mb)
  21. Green Pastures (54.5Mb)
  22. Mary of Scotland (13.4Mb)
  23. Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary (13.4Mb)
  24. Payment Deferred (13.3Mb)
  25. They Knew What They Wanted (13.1Mb)
  26. Boy Meets Girl (13.3Mb)
  27. Call It a Day (13.4Mb)
  28. You Can't Take It with You (25Mb)
  29. Green Goddess (54.5Mb)
  30. Last of Mrs Cheyney (13.6Mb)
  31. The Man Who Came to Dinner (60.6Mb)
  32. Burlesque (25.3Mb)
  33. A Bill of Divorcement (13.5Mb)
  34. The Old Maid (13.5Mb)
  35. Papa Is All (13.3Mb)
  36. The Great Adventure (13.4Mb)
  37. A Doll's House (13.2Mb)
  38. Men in White (23.1Mb)
  39. Blithe Spirit (13.5Mb)
  40. What Every Woman Knows (13.7Mb)
  41. No Time for Comedy (13.4Mb)
  42. The First Year (13.5Mb)
  43. Ladies in Retirement (13.7Mb)
  44. Still Life (13.5Mb)
  45. Importance of Being Ernest (13.5Mb)
  46. Age of Innocence (13.5Mb)
  47. Escape (13.2Mb)
  48. Macbeth (13.5Mb)
  49. Cyrano De Bergerac (13.5Mb)
  50. Lady in the Dark (13.6Mb)
  51. Old English (13.5Mb)
  52. The Corn Is Green (26.6Mb)
  53. For Love or Money (13.4Mb)
  54. The Winslow Boy (13.1Mb)
  55. Rip Van Winkle (20.4Mb)
  56. Payment Deferred (12Mb)
  57. Street Scene (54.5Mb)
  58. Alice Adams (54.5Mb)
  59. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (15Mb)
  60. David Copperfield (13.2Mb)
  61. State Fair (13.3Mb)
  62. The Third Man (15.8Mb)
  63. Hamlet (28.8Mb)
  64. The Glass Menagerie (14.4Mb)
  65. Allegro (54.5Mb)
  66. An Ideal Husband (13.7Mb)
  67. The Silver Whistle (51.4Mb)
  68. The Bishop Misbehaves (16.1Mb)
  69. All About Eve (13.8Mb)
  70. The Damask Cheek (13.8Mb)
  71. The Unguarded Hour (13.7Mb)
  72. State Fair (10.9Mb)
  73. Great Expectations (12.5Mb)
  74. 1984 (11.9Mb)

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