The Bickersons

1940s US radio sitcom
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The Bickersons was a radio comedy sketch series that began September 8, 1946, on NBC, moving the following year to CBS where it continued until August 28, 1951. The show's married protagonists, portrayed by Don Ameche (later by Lew Parker) and Frances Langford, spent nearly all their time together in relentless verbal war.

  1. Premiere Show (26.6Mb)
  2. Deep Sea Treasure Enterprise (6.8Mb)
  3. Everybody Has A Baby (27.1Mb)
  4. Allergic To Dogs aka The New Puppy (13.4Mb)
  5. The New Tuxedo (7.1Mb)
  6. Amos The Driving Instructor (27.3Mb)
  7. Blanche Has A Stomach Ache (27.3Mb)
  8. Blanche Bets On The Horses - Part 1 (10.3Mb)
  9. Blanche Bets On The Horses - Part 2 (2.3Mb)
  10. Second Honeymoon (2.3Mb)
  11. John's New Fishing Pole (27.2Mb)
  12. The Batchelor Party (27Mb)
  13. Clams Are Healthy (27.2Mb)
  14. Valentine's Day (2.5Mb)
  15. The Vacation Trailer (21.1Mb)
  16. Old Gold Only - Incomplete (7.8Mb)
  17. The Cat Is Going To Have Kittens (25.2Mb)
  18. Amos' Batchelor Party (6.2Mb)
  19. Presidential Suite (2.5Mb)
  20. Income Tax Refund (2.5Mb)
  21. Reading The Will (2Mb)
  22. Eunice's Wedding (1.4Mb)
  23. The Cruise (2.9Mb)
  24. The Pink Slip (Unbroadcast Pilot) (25.8Mb)
  25. Fatal Anniversay Present (13.6Mb)
  26. The Mink Coat (7Mb)
  27. Gooseby Vacation (13.2Mb)
  28. Blanche's Expensive Injury (13.4Mb)
  29. John's Snoring Dilemma (13.6Mb)
  30. John The Shoplifter (6.8Mb)
  31. Birthday Present (2.1Mb)
  32. Blanche's New Coat (2.4Mb)
  33. Breakfast (1.9Mb)
  34. Car Repairs & John Teaches Blanche to Drive (1.9Mb)
  35. Christmas Eve (2.5Mb)
  36. Easter Parade (2.4Mb)
  37. Hospital Stay (2.5Mb)
  38. John Goes To Las Vegas (2.9Mb)
  39. The Movie (2.4Mb)
  40. The Streetcar Conductor (1.7Mb)

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