The Black Museum

Dramatization based on objects in the Scotland Yard Crime Museum
from archive.org

Opening in 1875, the Crime Museum at Scotland Yard is the oldest museum in the world purely for recording crime. The name "Black Museum" was coined in 1877 by a reporter from "The Observer", a London newspaper, although the museum is still referred to as the Crime Museum. It is this museum that inspired The Black Museum radio series, produced in London by Harry Alan Towers.

From Jay Hickerson's "The Ultimate History of Network Radio Programming and Guide To All Circulating Shows", the earliest US broadcast date was January 1, 1952. Thirty nine shows, from the full syndication of fifty two shows, aired over Mutual stations from January 1, 1952 through June 24, 1952 and September 30, 1952 through December 30, 1952.

This murder mystery series was based on true life cases from Scotland Yard's files. Each episode was based on an item or items of evidence in the museum. Hosted and narrated by Orson Welles.

More details at: http://archive.org/details/OTRR_Black_Museum_Singles

  1. The 22 Caliber Pistol (13.4Mb)
  2. A .32 Caliber Bullet (5.4Mb)
  3. The Bath Tub (12.5Mb)
  4. The Gladstone Bag (12.6Mb)
  5. The Bloodstained Brick Bat (11.4Mb)
  6. The Brass Button (13.5Mb)
  7. A Can Of Weedkiller (6.1Mb)
  8. The Car Tire (11.4Mb)
  9. The Champagne Glass (10.9Mb)
  10. The Claw Hammer (5.9Mb)
  11. The Door Key (13.4Mb)
  12. The Faded Tartan Scarf (13.8Mb)
  13. Four Small Bottles (12Mb)
  14. A French-English Dictionary (11.8Mb)
  15. The Gas Receipt (11.7Mb)
  16. Glass Shards (13.7Mb)
  17. The Hammerhead (10.9Mb)
  18. The Jack Handle (6.2Mb)
  19. A Jar Of Acid (12.3Mb)
  20. The Khaki Handkerchief (11.2Mb)
  21. A Lady's Shoe (5.9Mb)
  22. The Leather Bag (13.1Mb)
  23. A Letter (11.3Mb)
  24. The Mandolin String (13.7Mb)
  25. Meat Juice (13.6Mb)
  26. The Notes (5.8Mb)
  27. The Old Wooden Mallet (6Mb)
  28. The Open Ended Wrench (11.4Mb)
  29. The Pair Of Spectacles (6.3Mb)
  30. A Piece Of Iron Chain (11.4Mb)
  31. The Pink Powder Puff (13.6Mb)
  32. The Post Card (12Mb)
  33. A Prescription (12.7Mb)
  34. The Raincoat (13.3Mb)
  35. The Sash Cord (5.7Mb)
  36. A Service Card (11.8Mb)
  37. The Sheath Knife (6.7Mb)
  38. The Shopping Bag (12.5Mb)
  39. A Shilling (11.6Mb)
  40. A Silencer (12.8Mb)
  41. The Small White Boxes (12.1Mb)
  42. The Spotted Bedsheet (5.4Mb)
  43. The Straight Razor (13.3Mb)
  44. The Tan Shoe (11.2Mb)
  45. The Telegram (5.9Mb)
  46. A Trunk (5.9Mb)
  47. Two Bullets (11.6Mb)
  48. The Walking Stick (5.8Mb)
  49. A Woman's Pigskin Glove (12.4Mb)
  50. The Wool Jacket (13.7Mb)

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