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2015-17 podcast about creating visual novels
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The Buzz Visual Novel Podcast was a 30-episode podcast discussing the creative and artistic considerations of making visual novels and art in general. Created and hosted by Sasquatchii, and co-hosted by mikey and Kuiper.

  1. On Procrastination (95.7Mb)
  2. Why You Should Create Visual Novels (58.3Mb)
  3. Your Visual Novel in the Future (54.2Mb)
  4. The Difference Between Critique & Criticism, and Why We Do Either (62.3Mb)
  5. How to Critique Others, and Receive Feedback Gracefully (71.5Mb)
  6. Genres vs. Creators (96.4Mb)
  7. Time and Energy (61.5Mb)
  8. Loose Ends (78.4Mb)
  9. Pigeons, Klingons and Dinosaurs (40.5Mb)
  10. How To Become a Rockstar Graphic Designer (89.7Mb)
  11. Graphic Design: Behind the Scenes (64.3Mb)
  12. Acclaim and Popularity (40.3Mb)
  13. Homage of Ripoff? (41.5Mb)
  14. Music and Audio in Your Visual Novel (56.4Mb)
  15. Writing Q&A with mikey and Kuiper (52.9Mb)
  16. Unrealistic Protagonists (55.2Mb)
  17. Lots To Say, So Little Time (70.7Mb)
  18. Player Viewpoint Vs. Character Viewpoint (46.9Mb)
  19. Viewpoint and Tense (104.9Mb)
  20. How To Keep a Team Together (55.3Mb)
  21. Non-VN Story Games... And Pokemon! (87.6Mb)
  22. How To Be a Better Visual Novel Player (64.3Mb)
  23. Personal Growth (80.4Mb)
  24. The EVN Community (68.3Mb)
  25. Names In Your Visual Novel (81.6Mb)
  26. Making VNs For A Game Jam (78.7Mb)
  27. Intimacy In Visual Novels (47.5Mb)
  28. Physical Intimacy (97.5Mb)
  29. Tropes, Cliches And Archetypes (62.3Mb)
  30. Character Creation (137.5Mb)

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