The Cipher: A BBC Radio full cast drama

A mysterious puzzle appears online.
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A mysterious puzzle appears online.

A radio thriller about finding a killer whilst finding yourself...

Sabrina - Anya Chalotra
Benny - Chance Perdomo
Harry - Enzo Cilenti
Isabella - Hera Hilmar
Mr Ahmed - Nabil Elouahabi
Dr Usman - Cyril Nri
Efrat - Olivia Popica
Lucy - Molly Harris
Other parts: Clare Corbett, Stephen Mitchell, Philip Desmeules

Production Team:
Written & Created by Brett Neichin with additional writing by Janina Matthewson
Script editing by Mike Walker
Produced by Emma Hearn
Director and Executive Producer, John Scott Dryden

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in December 2019.

  1. The Parallax (31.2Mb)
  2. What Dreams May Come (24.5Mb)
  3. The Music of Chance (26.7Mb)
  4. Perfect Storm (29Mb)
  5. The Storks (23.1Mb)
  6. Count Zero (26.7Mb)
  7. Black Beach (34.6Mb)
  8. Automata (25.1Mb)
  9. Rising Sun (31.4Mb)
  10. The End of the Beginning (30.9Mb)

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