The Club of Queer Trades
2005 BBC dramatisation of the G.K. Chesterton stories

Each story in the series is centred on a person who is making a living by some novel or extraordinary means (a "queer trade", using the word "queer" in the sense of "peculiar"). To gain admittance to the club one must have invented a unique means of earning a living and the subsequent trade being the main source of income.

Series Cast:
Basil Grant: David Warner
Rupert Grant: Martin Freeman
Charlie Swinburne: Geoffrey McGivern
Major Brown/Lord Beaumont: Geoffrey Whitehead
The Lady: Vicki Pepperdine
PG Northover/Gardener/Constable/Dr Colman: Martin Hyder
Drummond: Nicholas Farrell
Sir Walter Chumley/Reverend Shorter: Richard Griffiths
Wimpole/Burrows: Justin Edwards
Muriel: Alice Lowe
James: Alexei Sayle
Mowbray: Neil Edmond
Brett: Matthew Holness
Lieutenant Keith: Jeff Harding
Montmorency: Simon Jones
Christina: Amelia Bullmore
Bingham: Chris Douglas
Adeleide: Felicity Montagu
Professor Chadd: John Nettleton
Greenwood: James Rawlings
The Old Lady: Angela Thorne

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  1. The Tremendous Adventures of Major Brown (0Mb)
  2. The Painful Fall of a Great Reputation (0Mb)
  3. The Awful Reason of the Vicar's Visit (0Mb)
  4. The Singular Speculation of the House Agent (0Mb)
  5. The Noticeable Conduct of Professor Chadd (0Mb)
  6. The Eccentric Seclusion of the Old Lady (0Mb)

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