The Cold Swedish Winter
Culture shock comedy

This series, set and recorded in Sweden, stars Adam Riches and some of Sweden's most popular TV comedy actors. Geoff moves to the tiny, cold and unpronounceable village of Yxsjö in northern Sweden; a culture shock forced on him by his Swedish girlfriend Linda's decision to move home to raise their child.Geoff has to contend with snow, moose, pickled herring, unemployment, snow, Maypole dancing, snowmobiles, snow, meatball rolling, saunas, social democracy, snow, the weirdest pizzas in Europe, bears, deep forests, death metal, illegal alcohol and... snow. Above all, he has a new family to contend with, the Andersson's bewilder him - from father Sten who has a worrying tendency to growl like a bear and threaten him with any blunt instrument to hand to Gunilla who threatens him with naked folk-dancing.It's worth it all for Linda, of course, apart from her new found urge to conform with everything, except for her brother, a Goth with a propensity to set fire to things

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