The Cry Of The Owl
Patricia Highsmith's intriguing tale of obsession, starring John Sharian

Patricia Highsmith's intriguing tale of obsession, starring John SharianJohn Sharian - Robert ForesterAdrian Lester - Greg WyncoopBriony Glassco - Nickie JurgenPeter Marinker - Detective Lippenholtz.Joanne McQuinn - Jenny TheirolfMatt Rippy - Jack Neilsen.Adapted by Shaun McKenna. Music composed and performed by David Chitton Directed by Marion Nancarrow   Episode 1Robert Forester is now living in Langley, Pennsylvania, after a messy divorce.He's escaped his oppressive wife and has no need to see a psychiatrist again.So why is he outside Jenny Theirolf's house, watching her every move?Episode 2Jenny has fallen for Robert Forester, though he's not certain of his feelings for her.Meanwhile, her ex-fiance, Greg, is very certain. He wants Jenny back - and Robert is in the way.Episode 3As each day passes with Greg still missing after the fight, Detective Lippenholtz is finding Robert's story harder to believe.Episode 4Robert has been shot. Could Greg Wyncoop - who has not been seen since they both fought by the river - really have done it? Or is his body lying in the morgue?

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