The EP
Get Ready for ‘The EP’: 13 Songs That Capture Our Moment:

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  1. Welcome to ‘The EP’ (3.2Mb)
  2. Track 1: The Passive-Aggressive Breakup Win (unknown file size)
  3. Track 2: What Rhymes with ‘Vehicle?’ (10Mb)
  4. Track 3: It’s About Having Sex (8.5Mb)
  5. Track 4: Greens, Beans, Blessings (unknown file size)
  6. Track 5: This Song Is Probably Not For You (7.9Mb)
  7. Track 6: American Communion (9Mb)
  8. Track 7: Who Are the Best Americans? (7.3Mb)
  9. Track 8: Blacker Than You Realize (9.7Mb)
  10. Track 9: I Believe That You Are in Pain (6.3Mb)
  11. Track 10: Giving an Old Role a New Meaning (7.5Mb)
  12. Track 11: The J.J. Abrams of Heavy Metal (8.2Mb)
  13. Track 12: Blood on the Tailgate (6.2Mb)
  14. Track 13: I’m Ready, My Lord (7.3Mb)

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