The Forsyte Saga

BBC Radio full cast drama
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An irresistible family saga of love, money and betrayal, The Forsyte Saga encompasses four acclaimed BBC Radio 4 productions of John Galsworthy's perennially popular epic, spanning 50 years from 1886.

The Forsytes sees wealthy Soames Forsyte questioning his relationship with his beautiful wife Irene. As evidence of her betrayal emerges, the family is torn apart and scandal unleashed.

In The Forsytes Continues, Soames would do anything for his sparkling daughter, Fleur. But when she falls in love with the wrong man, how can he stop history repeating itself?

The Forsytes Returns picks up Fleur's story four years later, as she vows to put her past behind her and settle down. But those around her are intent on stirring up trouble.

The Forsytes Concludes introduces young Dinny Cherrell, Fleur's cousin. Unbeknown to both, their lives will be paralleled in ways neither could have predicted...

Starring Jessica Raine, with a cast including Joseph Millson, Juliet Aubrey, Jonathan Bailey, Ben Lambert and Sarah Ridgeway, this compelling drama delves behind the Edwardian fa?ade to reveal Galsworthy's wonderful wit, observation and insight into human nature.

Author John Galsworthy
Adaptor Shaun McKenna
Director Gemma Jenkins
First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in September 2015

  1. The Forsytes part1 (39.6Mb)
  2. The Forsytes part2 (30.9Mb)
  3. The Forsytes part3 (26.1Mb)
  4. The Forsytes Continues part1 (39.7Mb)
  5. The Forsytes Continues part2 (30.3Mb)
  6. The Forsytes Continues part3 (26Mb)
  7. The Forsytes Returns part1 (39.8Mb)
  8. The Forsytes Returns part2 (31.2Mb)
  9. The Forsytes Returns part3 (26.2Mb)
  10. The Forsytes Concludes part1 (39.7Mb)
  11. The Forsytes Concludes part2 (31Mb)
  12. The Forsytes Concludes part3 (26Mb)
  13. The Forsytes Concludes part4 (26Mb)

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