The Fourth Ambit

Science fiction audio drama
from ambitgroup.com

The Internet has grown into a chaotic conglomeration of full-immersion virtual spaces collectively known as the Ambit. As a tracker, Gilles's job is to navigate his way through this madness.

In doing so, however, he becomes immersed in a web of intrigue. There is order behind the seeming chaos - a Second Ambit behind the first. And the revelations don't end there. Behind the chaos, beneath the order there is a Third Ambit. And even a Fourth.

Included in the feed are two bonus episodes created by the same group.

  1. Stents (53.1Mb)
  2. Tethers (53.1Mb)
  3. Freelance (53.1Mb)
  4. Spectres (53.1Mb)
  5. Children (53.1Mb)
  6. Tag (53.1Mb)
  7. Nags (53.1Mb)
  8. Wraiths (53.1Mb)
  9. Translation (53.1Mb)
  10. Bonus - I Might Be Edgar Allan Poe (70.7Mb)
  11. Bonus - Virtual Solitaire (55.9Mb)

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