The Fourth Ambit
Science fiction audio drama

The Internet has grown into a chaotic conglomeration of full-immersion virtual spaces collectively known as the Ambit. As a tracker, Gilles's job is to navigate his way through this madness.

In doing so, however, he becomes immersed in a web of intrigue. There is order behind the seeming chaos - a Second Ambit behind the first. And the revelations don't end there. Behind the chaos, beneath the order there is a Third Ambit. And even a Fourth.

Included in the feed are two bonus episodes created by the same group.

  1. Episode 1 - Stents (53.1Mb)
  2. Episode 2 - Tethers (53.1Mb)
  3. Episode 3 - Freelance (53.1Mb)
  4. Episode 4 - Spectres (53.1Mb)
  5. Episode 5 - Children (53.1Mb)
  6. Episode 6 - Tag (53.1Mb)
  7. Episode 7 - Nags (53.1Mb)
  8. Episode 8 - Wraiths (53.1Mb)
  9. Episode 9 - Translation (53.1Mb)
  10. Bonus - I Might Be Edgar Allan Poe (70.7Mb)
  11. Bonus - Virtual Solitaire (55.9Mb)

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