The Green Hornet

Crime drama
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Classified as a juvenile crime drama but written and acted with more adult style than most of the breed, "The Green Hornet"---whose protagonist fought crime by infiltrating or even partnering (initially) with known criminal operations, which deceive police into believing him a wanted criminal himself---was the creation of George W. Trendle and Fran Striker, the brains and head writer behind "The Lone Ranger" (whose protagonist, according to storyline, was the great-uncle of Britt Reid, the heir who assumed control of the Daily Sentinel newspaper publisher and takes the crimefighting guise of the Green Hornet).

The show originated from Detroit WXZY in 1936 and was picked up for network broadcast by Mutual in 1938; NBC Blue Network (later ABC) picked up the show in 1939. "The Green Hornet" left radio as an actively-produced series in 1952, though reruns of several shows were known to have aired as late as 1954.

Britt Reid/The Green Hornet: Al Hodge (1936-1943); Donovan Faust (1943); Bob Hall (1944-51); Jack McCarthy (1951-1952).
Kato: Tokutaro Hayashi (a.k.a. Raymond Toyo); Rollon Parker; Michael Tolan.
Lenore Case, Reid's secretary and occasional Sentinel photographer: Leonore Allman.
Michael Axford, a Sentinel reporter: Jim Irwin (1936-1938); Gil Shea (1938-1952).
Ed Lowry, another Sentinel reporter: Jac Petruzzi.
Newsboy (who closed each episode, almost invariably, by shouting the headlines after the crime is solved, ending habitually with "Green Hornet Still at Large!!"): Rollon Parker.

  1. TheGreenHornet-451129 The Gas Station Protection Racket (3.3Mb)
  2. TheGreenHornet-460514 Check and Double Check (3.5Mb)
  3. TheGreenHornet-460305 A Question of Time (3.3Mb)
  4. TheGreenHornet-420221 Charity Takes It On The Chin (4.8Mb)
  5. TheGreenHornet-390613 Not One Cent For Tribute (3.4Mb)
  6. TheGreenHornet-460122 George Haven's Secret (3.3Mb)
  7. TheGreenHornet-500606 Bait for a Two-Timer (3.4Mb)
  8. TheGreenHornet-400717 Poor Substitutes (3.1Mb)
  9. TheGreenHornet-451225 The Boathouse Mystery (3.1Mb)
  10. TheGreenHornet-390615 Justice Wears a Blindfold (4.3Mb)
  11. TheGreenHornet-451122 Superhighway Robbery (3.3Mb)
  12. TheGreenHornet-390704 Put It On Ice (4.5Mb)
  13. TheGreenHornet-440611 The Hornet Does It Again (3.2Mb)
  14. TheGreenHornet-471028 Exposed (4.3Mb)
  15. TheGreenHornet-410705 Murder Across The Boards (3.6Mb)
  16. TheGreenHornet-450531 Black Market For Profit (5.9Mb)
  17. TheGreenHornet-420519 Invasion Plans (4.1Mb)
  18. TheGreenHornet-460402 Classified Ads (5.9Mb)
  19. TheGreenHornet-460101 The Turban of Jaipur (3.1Mb)
  20. TheGreenHornet-460528 Polarised Glasses (4.6Mb)
  21. TheGreenHornet-461020 Mr. Big's Drugstore Racket (25.3Mb)
  22. TheGreenHornet-391123 The Smuggler Signs His Name (3.7Mb)
  23. TheGreenHornet-450823 The Unexpected Meeting (6.2Mb)
  24. TheGreenHornet-541115 The Katz with Nine Lives (4.5Mb)
  25. TheGreenHornet-451213 Paid in Full (7.3Mb)
  26. TheGreenHornet-521203 Pretender to the Throne (4.7Mb)
  27. TheGreenHornet-460312 The Letter (3.3Mb)
  28. TheGreenHornet-400927 Votes For Sale (4.8Mb)
  29. TheGreenHornet-451025 What Price Glamour (4.9Mb)
  30. TheGreenHornet-401003 The Highway That Graft Built (4.6Mb)
  31. TheGreenHornet-451115 The Katz with Nine Lives (4.5Mb)
  32. TheGreenHornet-421121 Sabotage Finds a Name (3.3Mb)
  33. TheGreenHornet-390608 Trouble HitsThe Trolleys (4.3Mb)
  34. TheGreenHornet-460706 A Man of Many Words (3.1Mb)
  35. TheGreenHornet-391031 The Parking Lot Racket (3.7Mb)
  36. TheGreenHornet-460924 Underwater Adventure (3.7Mb)
  37. TheGreenHornet-480120 A Matter of Evidence (4Mb)
  38. TheGreenHornet-451101 Ballots And Bluff (3.6Mb)
  39. TheGreenHornet-461116 Figure in the Photograph (4.3Mb)
  40. TheGreenHornet-390530 Words and Music (3.8Mb)
  41. TheGreenHornet-410809 Bid and Asked (3.9Mb)
  42. TheGreenHornet-451011 Hot Money and Death (3.1Mb)
  43. TheGreenHornet-460316 A Pair of Nylons (3.7Mb)
  44. TheGreenHornet-420207 Reservoir For Murder (4.4Mb)
  45. TheGreenHornet-451018 Murder and the DopeRacket (4.5Mb)
  46. TheGreenHornet-451220 When Money Talks (4.5Mb)
  47. TheGreenHornet-410621 Walk Out For Profit (4.5Mb)
  48. TheGreenHornet-451004 The Stuffed Panda (3.3Mb)
  49. TheGreenHornet-460129 Escape For Revenge (7.1Mb)
  50. TheGreenHornet-440516 Paroled For Revenge (5.9Mb)
  51. TheGreenHornet-420912 Murder Trips A Rat (3.5Mb)
  52. TheGreenHornet-460326 Youth Takes the Headlines (6Mb)
  53. TheGreenHornet-421114 Torpedo on Wheels (6.2Mb)
  54. TheGreenHornet-480127 Hit and Run (3.8Mb)
  55. TheGreenHornet-430418 The Corpse That Wasn't There (3.8Mb)
  56. TheGreenHornet-451206 The Voice (4.4Mb)
  57. TheGreenHornet-451108 The Hornet Drops a Hint (3.4Mb)
  58. TheGreenHornet-380101 The Devil's Playground (3.2Mb)
  59. TheGreenHornet-420523 A Slip of the Lip (3.7Mb)
  60. TheGreenHornet-490201 Poor Substitutes For a Prison (5.5Mb)
  61. TheGreenHornet-420516 Invasion Plans For Victory (7.2Mb)
  62. TheGreenHornet-460212 The Woman in the Case (5.9Mb)
  63. TheGreenHornet-390706 Disaster Rides the Rails (3.3Mb)
  64. TheGreenHornet-460507 Murder for Sale (3.5Mb)
  65. TheGreenHornet-390525 The Ghost Who Talked Too Much (4.8Mb)
  66. TheGreenHornet-460611 The Hornet Does It Again (4.7Mb)
  67. TheGreenHornet-460219 A Soldier and His Dog (5.9Mb)

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