The Haunting Hour

1940s horror series from NBC
from archive.org

"No... No... stay where you are. Do not break the stillness of this moment. For this is a time of mystery. A time when imagination is free, and moves forward swiftly, silently.... This is -- The Haunting Hour!"

Aired on NBC, 1944-1946.

  1. Sixth Button (9.2Mb)
  2. Murder Wears a Strange Mask (12Mb)
  3. Bird of Death (12Mb)
  4. Old, Old Man (12Mb)
  5. Ptolomey's Grave (12Mb)
  6. A Corpse There Was (12Mb)
  7. If the Show Fits (12Mb)
  8. Breakdown (12Mb)
  9. The Case of the Lonesome Corpse (12Mb)
  10. The Hands of Mrs Smith (12Mb)
  11. Homicide House (12Mb)
  12. Date in the Dark (12Mb)
  13. The Thought (12Mb)
  14. The Uptown Express (12Mb)
  15. The Unidentified Body (12Mb)
  16. Second Chance (12Mb)
  17. Revenge (12Mb)
  18. People in the House (12Mb)
  19. Occupation, Murder (12Mb)
  20. No Escape (12Mb)
  21. Death by Request (12Mb)
  22. Nocturne (12Mb)
  23. The Skyscraper Mystery (12Mb)
  24. The Mystery of the Southern Star (12Mb)
  25. Murder is my Business (12Mb)
  26. The Cat Man (12Mb)
  27. The Devil's Deep (12Mb)
  28. A Tale of Darkness (12.8Mb)
  29. Destination Unknown (11Mb)
  30. Two Mr. Brandts (10.9Mb)
  31. Assignment Death (13.2Mb)
  32. Keeping His Promise (13.4Mb)
  33. Music Piece (14Mb)
  34. Northern Star (13.2Mb)
  35. Out of the Night (14.1Mb)
  36. Tapping on the Window (12.4Mb)

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