The Headset Set
Sketch show set in a call centre

Each episode of The Headset Set features a host of sketches set in the call centre, eavesdropping on both sides of the bizarre, horrific and ludicrous business-customer relationship.

While the bulk of each show is taken up with standalone sketches, there are linked scenes providing a gentle narrative curve to proceedings. These scenes feature four of the call centre's employees:

Sailesh - Officially the team leader, Sailesh has recently moved from Bangalore seemingly bringing a wealth of call-centre experience and an admirable work ethic lacking in his fellow Headsetters. However, Sailesh has a secret... Was he headhunted or did he leave India under a cloud?

Bernie - As she's been here longer than anyone and she refuses to recognise Sailesh's authority. She also refuses to learn how to use anything more technologically advanced than a 1980s trim phone.

Aleesha - A self-loathing street-wise cynic who resents having to work at Smile 5. Or in fact, having to work at all.

Big Tony - Tony spends most of his time on the phone, but not necessarily on Smile 5 business. He's always running some sort of scam, like a minicab office from his desk.There are also sketches featuring the HR department, who seem determined not to hire anyone and Smile5's head of training Ralph, who trains the most inept of the call centre staff, such as the child-like Bradley, who is too nervous to take calls.

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