The Hobbit
Full cast dramatisation from the BBC, 1967

This series was adapted by Michael Kilgariff and produced by John Powell in eight half-hour mono episodes for BBC Radio 4.

The radio series follows the plot of the original novel (revised 1951 version) very closely, except for the addition of The Tale Bearer, a narrator whose account of the story is often interrupted and embellished by the protagonist Bilbo Baggins in the role of secondary narrator.

J.R.R. Tolkien's timeless and beloved tale is presented in a stunning dramatization that resounds with all the excitement of a theater performance--and all the charm of a vintage radio show. Originally conceived for BBC broadcast and produced by the world's foremost creators of radio entertainment, this lavish production melds a full cast with stirring music and sound effects to bring this magnificent classic to life.

The Tale Bearer....Anthony Jackson
Bilbo Baggins....Paul Daneman
Gandalf....Heron Carvic
Gollum....Wolfe Morris
Thorin Oakenshield....John Justin
Elrond....John Pullen
The Elvenking....Leonard Fenton
Beorn....Denys Hawthorne
Bard the Bowman....Peter Williams
Balin....Peter Pratt
Smaug....Francis de Wolff

  1. An Unexpected Party (25Mb)
  2. Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire (24.4Mb)
  3. Riddles in the Dark (24.9Mb)
  4. Strange Lodgings (24.2Mb)
  5. Barrels Out of Bond (24.1Mb)
  6. A Warm Welcome (24.1Mb)
  7. The Gathering of the Clouds (24.5Mb)
  8. The Cloud Bursts (24.3Mb)

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