The Key

1950s Australian mystery series - "there is a key to every situation"
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"Every door has a key, there is a key to every situation, behind every unopened door there is a mystery, and the opening of this door introduces us to another in the series: the Key."

The Key was a mystery series from Australia that aired in the mid 1950s. Not much is known about the series. There was an ad in the ABC Weekly 11 Dec 1957 and it named the scriptwriter as James Workman who is known as a pulp writer.

James Workman was educated in England and trained as a naval cadet. He spent three years in the London Metropolitan Police. Moving to South Africa, Workman enlisted with the Witwatersand Rifles and later joined a touring theatre company. He worked for the South African Broadcasting Commission as an announcer, scriptwriter and producer, occupations he continued to pursue after his move to Australia.

  1. Alexis (12.2Mb)
  2. Bank Robbery (5.6Mb)
  3. Big Time Hoodlum (8.5Mb)
  4. Chicken (8.4Mb)
  5. Child Murderer (8.8Mb)
  6. Dear John Letter (8.7Mb)
  7. Escape Artist (5.6Mb)
  8. Extension of Time (23.2Mb)
  9. Gentleman Companion (5.6Mb)
  10. Grandpop (8.7Mb)
  11. Lost In The Amazon (8.8Mb)
  12. Night Prowler (5.6Mb)
  13. Ninety-Three Year Old Man (5.7Mb)
  14. One Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars Embezzled (22.7Mb)
  15. Robber Murdered (5.8Mb)
  16. Seppi and Pancho (9Mb)
  17. Showgirl Murdered (5.6Mb)
  18. Subconscious Experiment (8.8Mb)
  19. Suicide (5.5Mb)
  20. Sword Swallower (5.6Mb)
  21. The Archeologist (8.8Mb)
  22. The Cellar (13.5Mb)
  23. The Deception (9Mb)
  24. The Ghost (8.5Mb)
  25. The Moon or Bust (5.6Mb)
  26. Twenty Years Later (8.7Mb)
  27. Two-Timed (5.7Mb)
  28. Union Corruption (5.7Mb)
  29. What Happens When You Die (8.5Mb)
  30. Wife Beater (8.9Mb)
  31. Window Cleaner (9Mb)
  32. Woman Murdered (8.5Mb)

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