The Last of the Summer Wine
Audio books of the long-running British comedy

Here are Compo, Foggy and Clegg in four episodes from television's long-running popular comedy series. They may be as wrinkled as Nora's stockings but their humour is as fresh as the Yorkshire air.

  1. Last Of The Summer Wine - And a Dewhurst Up a Fir Tree (10.7Mb)
  2. Last Of The Summer Wine - Beware The Vanila Slice (6.7Mb)
  3. Last Of The Summer Wine - Ferret Come Home (6.1Mb)
  4. Last Of The Summer Wine - Flower Power Cut (6.8Mb)
  5. Last Of The Summer Wine - Full Steam Behind (10.1Mb)
  6. Last Of The Summer Wine - Getting On Sydney's Wire (6.2Mb)
  7. Last Of The Summer Wine - How Errol Flynn Discovered The Sec (7.1Mb)
  8. Last Of The Summer Wine - Howard Throws A Wobbler (6.8Mb)
  9. Last Of The Summer Wine - Small Tune on a Penny Wassail (10.8Mb)
  10. Last Of The Summer Wine - The Bandit from Stoke-on-Trent (9.7Mb)
  11. Last Of The Summer Wine - What Happened to Barry's Nose (7.3Mb)
  12. Last Of The Summer Wine - Who Made A Bit Of A Splash In Wale (6.6Mb)
  13. S03e01TheManFromOswestry (13.7Mb)
  14. S03e02MendingStuartsLeg (13.5Mb)
  15. S03e03TheGreatBoarding-houseBathroomCaper (13.6Mb)
  16. S03e04CheeringUpGordon (13.7Mb)
  17. S03e05TheKinkInFoggysNiblick (13.5Mb)
  18. S03e06GoingToGordonsWedding (13.5Mb)
  19. S03e07IsometricsAndAfter (13.5Mb)
  20. S04e01FerretComeHome (13.7Mb)
  21. S04e02GettingOnSidneysWire (13.3Mb)
  22. S04e03Jubilee (13.8Mb)
  23. S04e04FlowerPowerCut (13.9Mb)
  24. S04e05WhoMadeABitOfASplashInWalesThen (13.8Mb)
  25. S04e06Greenfingers (13.7Mb)
  26. S04e07AMerryHeatwave-Christmas (16.4Mb)
  27. S04e08TheBanditFromStroke-on-trent (13.2Mb)
  28. S05e01FullSteamBehind (13.7Mb)
  29. S05e02TheFlagAndItsSnag (13.4Mb)
  30. S05e03TheFlagAndFurtherSnags (13.5Mb)
  31. S05e04DeepInTheHeartOfYorkshire (13.3Mb)
  32. S05e05EarnshawStrikesAgain (13.6Mb)
  33. S05e06HereWeGoIntoTheWildBlueYonder (13.2Mb)
  34. S05e07HereWeGoAgainIntoTheWildBlueYonder (13.1Mb)
  35. S05e08AndADewhurstUpAFirTree-Christmas1979 (14.2Mb)
  36. S06e00Whoops-Christmas1981 (14.6Mb)
  37. S06e01InTheServiceOfHumanity (13.8Mb)
  38. S06e02CarAndGarter (14Mb)
  39. S06e03TheOddDogMen (13.5Mb)
  40. S06e04ABicycleMadeForThree (13.9Mb)
  41. S06e05OneOfTheLastFewPlacesUnexploredByMan (13.7Mb)
  42. S06e06SerenadeForTightJeansAndMetalDetector (12.7Mb)
  43. S06e07FromWelliesToWetSuit (13.6Mb)
  44. S06e08SmallTuneOnAPennyWassail-Christmas (14Mb)
  45. S07e01TheFrozenTurkeyMan (13.5Mb)
  46. S07e02TheWhiteMansGrave (13.4Mb)
  47. S07e03TheWaistLand (13.1Mb)
  48. S07e04CheeringUpLudovic (13.9Mb)
  49. S07e05TheThreeAstaires (12.8Mb)
  50. S07e06TheArtsOfConcealment (13.5Mb)
  51. S08e01TheMysteriousFeetOfNoraBatty (14.1Mb)
  52. S08e02KeepingBritainTidy (14.3Mb)
  53. S08e03EnterThePhantom (14.3Mb)
  54. S08e04CatchingDigbysDonkey (13.7Mb)
  55. S08e05TheWoollenmillsOfYourMind (14Mb)
  56. S08e06WhosLookingAfterTheCafThen (13.6Mb)
  57. S08e07AllModConned-Christmas1982 (15.4Mb)
  58. S08e08GettingSamHome-Christmas1983 (40.3Mb)
  59. S08e09TheLoxelyLozenge-Christmas1984 (13.3Mb)
  60. s1e01 Short Back and Palais Guide (13.9Mb)
  61. s1e02 Invention of the 40 Foot Ferret (13.8Mb)
  62. s1e03 Paté and Chips (12.8Mb)
  63. s1e04 Spring Fever (13.5Mb)
  64. s1e05 The New Mobile Trio (12.8Mb)
  65. s1e06 Hail Smiling Morn or Thereabouts (12.8Mb)
  66. s2e01 Forked Lightning (13.6Mb)
  67. s2e02 Who's That Dancing with Nora Batty (13.6Mb)
  68. s2e03 The Changing Face of Rural Blamire (13.6Mb)
  69. s2e04 Some Enchanted Evening (13.8Mb)
  70. s2e05 A Quiet Drink (13.7Mb)
  71. s2e06 Ballad for Wind Instruments and Canoe (13.8Mb)
  72. s2e07 Northen Flying Circus (12.9Mb)

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