The Man of Property

Librivox recording of volume one of The Forsyte Saga
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Librivox recording of The Man of Property (The Forsyte Saga Vol. 1), by John Galsworthy.

'The Forsyte Saga' is the story of a wealthy London family stretching from the eighteen-eighties until the nineteen-twenties.
The Man of Property is the first book in the saga. The 'man of property' of the title is Soames Forsyte, a partner in the family law firm. He is married to Irene but the marriage is not happy and during the book she falls in love with another man.Another branch of the family is headed by 'Old Jolyon,' estranged from his bohemian artist son 'Young Jolyon' and the story tells of their rapprochement and of Young Jolyon's daughter June who is engaged to an architect Philip Bosinney.
For those familiar with the Forsytes, this book takes us up to the night when Soames exercises his 'rights' and to the death of Bosinney.
(Summary by Andy Minter)

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  1. Preface (7.7Mb)
  2. At Home at Old Jolyon's (39.3Mb)
  3. Old Jolyon Goes to the Opera (33.6Mb)
  4. Dinner at Swithin's (27.9Mb)
  5. Projection of the House (18.6Mb)
  6. A Forsyte Menage (14.7Mb)
  7. James at Large (20.5Mb)
  8. Old Jolyon's Peccadillo (14.4Mb)
  9. Plans of the House (14.3Mb)
  10. Death of Aunt Ann (21Mb)
  11. Progress of the House (14.1Mb)
  12. June's Treat (19.1Mb)
  13. Drive with Swithin (30.7Mb)
  14. James Goes to See for Himself (29.5Mb)
  15. Soames and Bosinney Correspond (32Mb)
  16. Old Jolyon at the Zoo (12.6Mb)
  17. Afternoon at Timothy's (24.9Mb)
  18. Dance at Roger's (15.7Mb)
  19. Evening at Richmond (22.9Mb)
  20. Diagnosis of a Forsyte (19.7Mb)
  21. Bosinney on Parole (9.3Mb)
  22. June Pays Some Calls (25.5Mb)
  23. Perfection of the House (21.3Mb)
  24. Soames Sits on the Steps (11.9Mb)
  25. Mrs. Macander's Evidence (21.1Mb)
  26. Night in the Park (10.3Mb)
  27. Meeting at the Botanical (27.2Mb)
  28. Voyage into the Inferno (22.3Mb)
  29. The Trial (19Mb)
  30. Soames Breaks the News (20.4Mb)
  31. June's Victory (20.2Mb)
  32. Bosinney's Departure (25.5Mb)
  33. Irene's Return (14.1Mb)

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