The Mel Blanc Show

Mel Blanc's 1940s series for the CBS radio network.
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Mel Blanc's success on The Jack Benny Program led to his own radio show on the CBS Radio Network, The Mel Blanc Show, which ran from September 3, 1946 to June 24, 1947. Blanc played himself as the hapless owner of a fix-it shop, as well as a wide range of comical support characters.

Other regular characters were played by Mary Jane Croft, Joseph Kearns, Hans Conreid, Alan Reed, Earle Ross, Jim Backus, Bea Benaderet and The Sportsmen Quartet, who would supply a song and sing the Colgate Tooth Powder commercials.

For 50 years, Mel Blanc was the voice of many popular cartoon characters including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Foghorn Leghorn, The Tasmanian Devil, Pepe LePew, Marvin the Martian, the RoadRunner ("Meep, meep!"), Barney Rubble, and Woody Woodpecker.

From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group.

  1. Birthday Cards (22.2Mb)
  2. Efficiency Expert (23.3Mb)
  3. The Cake Contest (21.7Mb)
  4. Mel Tries to Fix a Water Heater (23.4Mb)
  5. Muscle Man Contest (21.6Mb)
  6. Sally and Marylou (22Mb)
  7. Postman's Ball (21.8Mb)
  8. Songwriter (22.7Mb)
  9. Community Chest Show (21.6Mb)
  10. The New Radio (22.1Mb)
  11. Lodge Invitation (21.9Mb)
  12. The Astrologer (22.2Mb)
  13. Thanksgiving Party (22.6Mb)
  14. The Elopement (20.9Mb)
  15. Christmas Present (25.9Mb)
  16. Christmas Shopping (21.8Mb)
  17. Mel Plays Santa Claus (21.4Mb)
  18. Zebra of the Year (21.6Mb)
  19. The Broken Caruso Record (21.1Mb)
  20. Foreign Relatives (20.9Mb)
  21. Masquerade Ball (21.1Mb)
  22. Betty's Suitors (22.2Mb)
  23. Mel's Birthday (21.9Mb)
  24. The Missing Slice of Bread (22.7Mb)
  25. Vaudeville Team (22.5Mb)
  26. Councilman Colby (22.7Mb)
  27. The Art Critic (21.5Mb)
  28. Two Loves Has Mel (22.6Mb)
  29. Miss Ugga Ugga Boo (22Mb)
  30. April Fools (21.7Mb)
  31. Easter Egg Hunt (22.7Mb)
  32. Society Party (22.8Mb)
  33. Literary Discussion (22.5Mb)
  34. James Mason Movies (21.8Mb)
  35. Oil Stock (22.7Mb)
  36. Supermarket Journal Editor (21.1Mb)
  37. Trial Separation (23.2Mb)
  38. The French Interior Decorator (22.9Mb)
  39. To Rent a Summer Cottage (22.8Mb)
  40. The Chinese Philosopher (22.6Mb)
  41. Show at the Market (22.4Mb)
  42. The Missing Bread Slices (Poss a repeat of #25) (22.8Mb)

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