The Men from the Ministry
British radio comedy series broadcast by the BBC between 1962 and 1977

The Men from the Ministry is a British radio comedy series broadcast by the BBC between 1962 and 1977, starring Wilfrid Hyde-White, Richard Murdoch and, from 1966, when he replaced Hyde-White, Deryck Guyler. Written and produced by Edward Taylor with contributions from John Graham, and with some early episodes written by Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke, it ran for 14 series, totalling 147 half-hour episodes.

The storyline of The Men From The Ministry is centred on the General Assistance Department of an unnamed Government ministry in Whitehall. The function of this department, to assist any other Government department that is overloaded, gives ample opportunity for a wide range of hilarious excapades. The main staff in the department comprises the senior executive, code-named "One", the junior executive, code-named "Two", and their faithful secretary and tea provider, Mildred Murfin. Their domineering and philandering boss, the Under-Secretary Sir Gregory Pitkin, is the main villain of the stories, and is as grandly inept as the others.

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  1. The Great Footwear Scandal (0Mb)
  2. The Big Rocket (0Mb)
  3. Strictly For The Birds (0Mb)
  4. French Cricket (0Mb)
  5. The War With The Isle Of Wight (0Mb)
  6. Moderately Important Person (0Mb)
  7. The Rhubarb Pirates (0Mb)
  8. A Matter Of Form (0Mb)
  9. The Magic Carpet (0Mb)
  10. The Spy In Black And White (0Mb)
  11. Island In The Sun (0Mb)
  12. Problem In The Park (0Mb)
  13. The End Of The Road (0Mb)
  14. Pirates Of Lakeview Reservoir (0Mb)
  15. Something About A Soldier (0Mb)
  16. The Trouble With Cecil (0Mb)
  17. The Man Who Made It Rain (0Mb)
  18. Train Of Events (0Mb)
  19. Degrading Business (0Mb)
  20. The Butcher Of Glensporran (0Mb)
  21. Counter Spies (0Mb)
  22. A Question Of Redundancy (0Mb)
  23. A Backdated Problem (0Mb)
  24. The Hole (0Mb)
  25. The Day The Martians Came (0Mb)
  26. The Post Office Pantomine (0Mb)
  27. All At Sea (0Mb)
  28. Bowler Hats And Machine Guns (0Mb)
  29. On The Run (0Mb)
  30. A Gift For Sir Gregory (0Mb)
  31. Customs Of The Country (0Mb)
  32. Getting The Bird (0Mb)
  33. The Thing On The Beach (0Mb)
  34. A Slight Case Of Demolition (0Mb)
  35. The Fastest Ship In The World (0Mb)
  36. Battle Of The River Thames (0Mb)
  37. The Tubby Submarine (0Mb)
  38. A Matter Of Breeding (0Mb)
  39. The Great Showbiz Fiasco (0Mb)
  40. Up The Poll (0Mb)
  41. Waterway To Go (0Mb)
  42. The Fastest Brolly In The West (0Mb)
  43. Four Men In A Wellington (0Mb)
  44. Out Of The World (0Mb)
  45. A Rotten System (0Mb)
  46. A Brush With An Old Master (0Mb)
  47. All Play And No Work (0Mb)
  48. A Sticky Business (0Mb)
  49. Bye Bye Mildred (0Mb)
  50. Bare Necessities (0Mb)
  51. Storm In A Tea Cup (0Mb)
  52. The Moving Target (0Mb)
  53. Bringing The House Down (0Mb)
  54. Fair Exchange (0Mb)
  55. Bill Stickers Is Innocent (0Mb)
  56. Rolling It In (0Mb)
  57. Thoroughly Modern Ministry (0Mb)
  58. We All Make Mistakes (0Mb)
  59. The Foolproof Fool (0Mb)
  60. Rotten To The Corps (0Mb)
  61. Transatlantic Trouble (0Mb)
  62. Just The Ticket (0Mb)
  63. Confidence Trick (0Mb)
  64. Foul Play (0Mb)
  65. Something Of Value (0Mb)
  66. Thats My Pigeon (0Mb)
  67. Dont Let Them Needle You (0Mb)
  68. Find The Lady (0Mb)
  69. Bridge Over Troubled Waters (0Mb)
  70. A Private Affair (0Mb)
  71. Getting It Taped (0Mb)
  72. Safe And Unsound (0Mb)
  73. The Expert Caper (0Mb)
  74. Under The Weather (0Mb)
  75. Monkey Business (0Mb)
  76. Cheesed Off (0Mb)
  77. Plane Madness (0Mb)
  78. Vipers In The Bosom (0Mb)
  79. Great Guns (0Mb)
  80. I Want My Mummy (0Mb)
  81. Ballet Nuisance (0Mb)
  82. Sky High (0Mb)
  83. Big Deal (0Mb)
  84. Health And Deficiency (0Mb)
  85. They Fry By Night (0Mb)
  86. In The Picture (0Mb)
  87. Nothing But The Vest (0Mb)
  88. Thats My Boy (0Mb)
  89. All That Glitters (0Mb)
  90. Torn To Shreds (0Mb)
  91. Wool Over Their Eyes (0Mb)
  92. This V A T And The Other (0Mb)
  93. The Great Trouser Troubles (0Mb)
  94. The Cabinet Crisis (0Mb)
  95. Chain Reaction (0Mb)
  96. All Change (0Mb)
  97. A Sense Of Power (0Mb)
  98. Postal Disorder (0Mb)
  99. All Cisterns Go (0Mb)
  100. A Problem Shared (0Mb)
  101. The Whitehall Castaways (0Mb)
  102. Off The Rails (0Mb)
  103. Penny Wise (0Mb)
  104. Turn For The Nurse (0Mb)
  105. Seal Of Office (0Mb)
  106. Birmingham Is Revolting (0Mb)
  107. Mission Inedible (0Mb)
  108. Horse Play (0Mb)

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