The Navy Lark
BBC radio sitcom

BBC radio sitcom about life aboard a British Royal Navy frigate named HMS Troutbridge, which ran from 1959 to 1977.

  1. The Fairground Lights (6.6Mb)
  2. The Comfort Fund (6.6Mb)
  3. Stuck Up The Inlet (6.6Mb)
  4. The Admiral's Party (6.6Mb)
  5. The Hank Of Heather (6.6Mb)
  6. The Multiple Mines (6.7Mb)
  7. The Gun Mechanism Test (6.6Mb)
  8. A Watch On The Initiative Test (6.7Mb)
  9. An Exercise In Filming (6.8Mb)
  10. The Smuggling Spy (6.5Mb)
  11. New at the Helm (6.2Mb)
  12. Fatso's Box Brownie (6.2Mb)
  13. Bringing back The Barge (6.2Mb)
  14. The Mock Action (6Mb)
  15. The Figurehead (6.1Mb)
  16. Cementing Relations (6.2Mb)
  17. The Trip Up The Thames (6.1Mb)
  18. The Lighthouse Lark (6.7Mb)
  19. Mount Rumpus Atoll (6.6Mb)
  20. Commodore Goldstein (6.7Mb)
  21. Mr Phillips Has Navigation Tuition (6.4Mb)
  22. The Northampton Hunt Ball (6.6Mb)
  23. Hijacked (6.8Mb)
  24. Admiral Troutbridge (6.3Mb)
  25. Relatives And Reservations (6.8Mb)
  26. Humgrummits On The High Seas (6.2Mb)
  27. Are Captain And Mrs Povey Married (6.9Mb)
  28. Cine Cameras At Sea (6.4Mb)
  29. The Citizen Adjustment Course (6.4Mb)
  30. A Hole Lieutenant (6.8Mb)
  31. Spy catching In Casablanca (6.7Mb)
  32. Mount Pot Erupts (6.2Mb)
  33. Captain Povey's Shop (6.9Mb)
  34. Leading Seaman Goldstein's Party (7Mb)
  35. Mr Phillips gets engaged (6.5Mb)
  36. The Sinking Of The Bubble Car (6.2Mb)
  37. Long Jonathan Pertwee (6.8Mb)
  38. The Admiral's Accident report (7Mb)
  39. Over The Sea To Rosyth (6.9Mb)
  40. The Return Of Sir Frederick Flatley (6.8Mb)
  41. The Ship's Concert (7.1Mb)
  42. First Day Out Of Dock (7.1Mb)
  43. 100th Edition (7.1Mb)
  44. A Deliberate Bashing (6.9Mb)
  45. Whittlesea Regatta (7.1Mb)
  46. HMS Troutbridge Gets A Rocket (6.9Mb)
  47. The Ghost Ship (6.9Mb)
  48. Wren Chasen Returns (7.1Mb)
  49. On The Carpet (7Mb)
  50. The Bungalese Spies (7Mb)
  51. Troutbridge's Party (unknown file size)
  52. Rescuing Admirals (7Mb)
  53. Demise Of The Depth Charges (7.2Mb)
  54. The Struggle For Promotion (7.1Mb)
  55. Fred Computables (6.9Mb)
  56. Stormy Weather (5.9Mb)
  57. The Sicilian Secret Agent (6.5Mb)
  58. Germany's Troutbridge (unknown file size)
  59. Doing A Mischief (6.6Mb)
  60. The Poveys Move House (unknown file size)
  61. Captain Povey Reports Sick (6.7Mb)
  62. Let Loose with a Chopper (8.6Mb)
  63. Making A Right Pig's Breakfast (6.6Mb)
  64. The Mysterious Pudding Mine (6.5Mb)
  65. The Sabotaged FloggleToggleBox (6Mb)
  66. Going On Leave To Croydon (5.9Mb)
  67. Searching For Their Ship (6.5Mb)
  68. The Float A Peddle Fiddle (6.4Mb)
  69. Gumming Up The Works (6.4Mb)
  70. Buoys Will Be Buoys (6.6Mb)
  71. Steamship Day (6.1Mb)
  72. Farewell To HMS Varsity (6.1Mb)
  73. Blowing Themselves Up (6Mb)
  74. Just The Ticket (6.7Mb)
  75. Mr. Phillips Promotion (8.6Mb)
  76. Pertwee And The Tratvian Beer (6.2Mb)
  77. The PM Papa (6Mb)
  78. Getting Rid Of Pertwee (6.2Mb)
  79. Off To Sea At Last (6.7Mb)
  80. Back From The Antarctic (6.9Mb)
  81. Fishing In Troubled Waters (6.8Mb)
  82. Cleaning Up (6.8Mb)
  83. Doing A Disastrical (6.7Mb)
  84. Deliberately Abandoned (6.2Mb)
  85. The Curious Caravan Case (6.8Mb)
  86. A Bit Of Trouble With The French (6.4Mb)
  87. Tangling With The Law (6.4Mb)
  88. Mr Murray's Endurance Course (unknown file size)
  89. Women In The Wardroom (5.8Mb)
  90. Troutbridge's Silver Jubilee Party (unknown file size)
  91. CECIL The Navigation Computer (6.1Mb)
  92. Seeing Red (7Mb)
  93. The Bugged And Burgled Beer (7.4Mb)
  94. Picking Up The Poppadom (6.5Mb)
  95. Cuthbert Joins The Navy (5.7Mb)
  96. The Flying Machine (6.2Mb)
  97. When Sub Lt Phillips Was At Dartmouth (7Mb)
  98. Frying Up (6.4Mb)
  99. Troutbridge In Quarantine (6.8Mb)

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