The News at Bedtime

Fairytale news parody
from archive.org

Inspired by their column for Private Eye, writers Ian Hislop and
Nick Newman have created an in-depth news analysis programme covering the
latest events... in a fairytale world.

The News at Bedtime is introduced by twin presenters John
Tweedledum (Jack Dee) and Jim Tweedledee (Peter Capaldi) - who argue and
disagree with everyone - and sometimes each other. There is also Mary Mary, the
Contrary Correspondent; Thought for the Day with Peter Rabbi; and the
weather with Dilly Dilly.

This is serious broadcasting: The News at Bedtime addresses the
zeitgeist issues of today and once upon a time from Nurseryland; Humpty
Dumpty's great fall, the worrying story of Jack and the Genetically Modified
Beanstalk and the celebrity wedding of the owl to the pussycat, to name but

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