The News Quiz 96-98
The News Quiz has been broadcast by BBC Radio 4 since 1977.

The News Quiz has been broadcast by BBC Radio 4 since 1977.Each week, four panelists appear on the show. They are usually either comedians or journalists, and sometimes politicians. The purpose of the show is to test contestants' knowledge of the events of the previous week by asking questions which are usually oblique references to those events.The host ends the discussion of each question with a summary of the events it refers to, usually with a comic punchline, before asking the next question. It is not uncommon for the show to get through only two rounds of the panel before the final section is reached. Before the host announces the largely symbolic scores, the panelists read out statements from newspapers and other media which they find amusing.From 1996-2006, Simon Hoggart hosted the show

  1. The News Quiz 3510 (6.7Mb)
  2. The News Quiz 3610 (6.5Mb)
  3. The News Quiz 3701 (6.6Mb)
  4. The News Quiz 3711 (6.6Mb)
  5. The News Quiz 3807 (6.5Mb)
  6. The News Quiz 3808 (6.4Mb)
  7. The News Quiz 3915 (6.4Mb)
  8. The News Quiz 4010 (6.4Mb)

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