The Other Side of the Hill

BBC Radio historical drama about the Duke of Wellington
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A BBC Radio historical drama in two parts about the career of Arthur Wellesley Duke of Wellington.

Part One follows Sir Arthur Wellesley, later Duke of Wellington, through the 1808-13 Peninsular Wars. Napoleon Bonaparte has conquered Spain and replaced the lawful King Ferdinand VII and his father Charles with his brother Joseph. Now Sir Arthur Wellesley, placed in command of the Army in Portugal and Spain, must hold together the combined British, Spanish and Portuguese forces against Napoleon's French Armies commanded by General Soult and Marshal Victor.

In Part Two, having won a notable victory at Talavera, Wellington cannot afford to rest on his laurels but must now keep pressing the French in a long road that leads from the seemingly-uncapturable town of Badajoz to the final showdown against Napoleon himself at Waterloo.

Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington ... Michael Pennington
Major Napier ... John Moffatt
Captain Harry Smith ... Dominic Rickhards
Madre Soledad ... June Tobin

Major Somerset ... Christopher Good
Captain Gordon ... David Bannerman
Corporal Prickett ... Ronald Hardiman

Juanita ... Siriol Jenkins

Julian Sanchez ... Phillip Sully
Rifleman Doubleday ... Clarence Smith
Rifleman Jackman/Captain Freer ... Mark Straker
Rifleman Palmer/Miquelin ... Neil Roberts
Rifleman West ... Eric Allan

Captain Kincaid ... Terence Edmond
Captain Soula/Lieutenant Cardo ... Alan Barker
General Crauford/General Menacho/Surtees ... Brett Usher
Lieutenant O'Malley/Captain Costello ... Andrew Wincott
General Packenham/Ono/General Vandeleur ... Colin McFarlane

Victoria ... Emma Fielding
Lady Wellington/Harriette Wilson ... Melanie Hudson
Sister Rosario/Fanny ... Theresa Streatfield
Goya ... David March
Jenny Cochrane ... Susan Sheridan
General Scovell/Orellana ... Charles Millham

Directed by Glyn Dearman

Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 17 & 24 May 1993

  1. It's a Long Way From Talavera (81.2Mb)
  2. The Long Road to Waterloo (80.6Mb)

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