The Papers of AJ Wentworth (Retd)
By HF Ellis, adapted by Emma Kennedy.

By HF Ellis, adapted by Emma Kennedy.

1/4. Settling In. It is the late 1950s and AJ Wentworth has just retired to the little village of Fenport. The news of his arrival in Fenport spreads like wildfire and soon Wentworth finds himself taking a rather more active role in village life than he'd bargained for.
Wentworth: Chris Lanqham
Mrs Wheeler/ Miss Gorman: Sophie Thompson
Mellish/Gooch: Philip Jackson
MissSteDhens: Selina Griffiths
Mrs Bretton/Mrs Burtltt: Helen Atkinson-Wood
Giles/Sidney: Andrew Westfield
Miss Edge: Rosie Armstrong
Matron: Emma Kennedy
2/4. OutandAbout Fate leads Wentworth into the path of Mrs Fitch.
Wentworth: Chris Lanqham
Mrs Wheeler/Mrs Ripley/Mrs Fitch: Sophie Thompson
Mr Jellaby/Mr Bennett: Philip Jackson
Miss Stephens: Selina Griffiths
Grimley/Fred: Giles Terera
Mrs Bretton/Mrs Jellaby: Helen Atkinson-Wood
Mr Williams/Colonel: Andrew Westfield
Operator/Mrs Mathers: Rosie Armstrong
Geoffrey: Felix Still
William: Luke Newberry
German lady: Emma Kennedy
3/4. Back at Burgrove. Wentworth's joy at being asked to teach temporarily at his old school is dissipated when he discovers the identity of one of the pupils
Wentworth: Chris Langham
Headmaster: Philip Jackson
Shaw/Mr Edwards: Giles Terera
Mrs Bretton: Helen Atkinson-Wood
Gilbert: Andrew Westfield
Briggs/Henderson: Ben Borowiecki
Mason: Felix Still
Blake: Luke Newberry
Matron: Emma Kennedy
4/4. Acting Up. Wentworth finds himself double booked to appear in the village play and to be Father Christmas at the vicarage party. Will he make it to the show on time?
Wentworth: Chris Lanqham
Mrs Wheeler/Mrs Thompson: Sophie Thompson
Vicar: Philip Jackson
Miss Stephens: Selina Griffiths
Mrs Somers/Mrs Bretton: Helen Atkinson-Wood
Sidney: Andrew Westfield
Jackie: Felix Still
Timmy: Luke Newberry
Screaming woman: Emma Kennedy
Producer Elizabeth Freestone

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