The Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show

1940s US comedy show
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Phil Harris was on the The Jack Benny Program since 1934, playing the jive-talking hipster bandleader of questionable repute. His band members were helpful in the sarcastic, fast-talking department, too. So when Phil Harris (in real life) married the glamorous and talented movie star Alice Faye, it seemed more like a match made in Hollywood than in Heaven. They knew each other from the old days of the Rudy Vallee Show, and were both radio veterans when they decided, in the Benny tradition, to work together professionally, using their own show-biz personas on Fitch Bandwagon. Hey, Ozzie and Harriett had done well with it!

This show isn't like Ozzie and Harriett. Beside fame and glamour, Phil and Alice had two big things in their life, their lovely daughters. Jeanine Roose played Alice Jr. and Anne Whitfield was little Phyllis. Both took after Phil in the wisecrack department. The big headache in their lives - Phil's Band! It was a congregation with enough wise guys to make sit up and start take notes.

As both Phil and Alice were known singers, there were two musical numbers in each show, and they were always for real, except some of Phil's, which were for laughs. But Phil's band gave much more than music to the show. Frankie Remley was the band's left handed guitar player, with a sardonic sense of humor out of left field. The character was first done on The Jack Benny Program, and, of course, now on a show about the band itself, Frankie was even more obnoxious. Famed radio actor Elliott Lewis played him with relish. In fact, later in the run they actually started calling the character Elliott! (Elliott Lewis changes his name on the show from Frankie Remly to Elliott because Harris stopped leading Jack Benny's band -- so he wasn't connected to Remly any more.)

A couple of actors well known on other shows were Gale Gordon and Walter Tetley. Gale Gordon (Principal Conklin on Our Miss Brooks) was Mr. Scott, the long-suffering Rexall representative, doing stealth commercials for Rexall, again like The Jack Benny Program and Fibber McGee and Molly had done. Walter Tetley (Leroy on The Great Gildersleeve) played the delivery boy Julius Abbruzio. Nice guy? No. Other characters included Alice's deadbeat brother Willie, ably played by Robert North, and announcer Bill Forman. The show was produced and directed by Paul Phillips.

It's a hip show, as sharp and free-wheeling as Benny, but with a bite and abrasiveness that seems, looking back now, to foreshadow most modern television sit-coms.

John Dunning, in "On the Air, The Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio", writes "It remains, on tape, one of radio's brightest lights: the passage of time has done nothing to blunt its delightful impact. The characters were bums, but the listeners knew it and didn't care. When Harris crowed, 'Oh, you dawg!' a listener knew he was probably looking at himself in a mirror. The timing displayed by the star leaves a modern listener with nothing but admiration ..."

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  1. no title (unknown file size)
  2. no title (unknown file size)
  3. no title (unknown file size)
  4. Audition Show (unknown file size)
  5. A Tutor for the Girls (unknown file size)
  6. A Movie for Alice (unknown file size)
  7. Phil's Self-Improvement (unknown file size)
  8. Emily's Musicale (Returning from Lake Arrowhead) (unknown file size)
  9. A Present for Phil aka Fitch Stockholders (unknown file size)
  10. New Year's Resolution (unknown file size)
  11. Phil's Enrolled At USC (unknown file size)
  12. Will Benny Renew Phil's Contract (unknown file size)
  13. Stockholder Phil (unknown file size)
  14. Selling the House (unknown file size)
  15. A Day with Phil Harris (unknown file size)
  16. Phil's Band at High School (unknown file size)
  17. Phil Sees the Doctor (27.2Mb)
  18. Phil's Hobby (unknown file size)
  19. A Dog for the Kids (unknown file size)
  20. Annual Christmas Show (unknown file size)
  21. The Kids Come to See Daddy at Work (unknown file size)
  22. First Show for Rexall (unknown file size)
  23. Phil to Retrieve Contract from Frankie (27Mb)
  24. Phyllis' Boyfriend (unknown file size)
  25. The Live Steer (27Mb)
  26. Homework (unknown file size)
  27. A Job with Rexall for Willie (unknown file size)
  28. New Drug (unknown file size)
  29. Health Food Diet (unknown file size)
  30. Homework Helper (unknown file size)
  31. Frankie Borrows the Kids (unknown file size)
  32. The Babysitter (unknown file size)
  33. Hiring a Santa Claus (27.1Mb)
  34. The Christmas Present (unknown file size)
  35. Phil is Drafted (unknown file size)
  36. The Engagement Ring (unknown file size)
  37. Broken Hearted Phil (unknown file size)
  38. Truman's Inaugural (unknown file size)
  39. The Fire Chief (unknown file size)
  40. Mr Scott Wants to Fire Band (27.1Mb)
  41. An Admirer Sends Flowers to Alice (unknown file size)
  42. Jury Duty (unknown file size)
  43. Remley is Fired (unknown file size)
  44. The Kangaroo (unknown file size)
  45. Remley is Re-Hired (unknown file size)
  46. Alice's Birthday (unknown file size)
  47. The Ski Trip (unknown file size)
  48. The Sponsor's Daughter (unknown file size)
  49. The Circus (unknown file size)
  50. Dinner for Teacher (unknown file size)
  51. Movie Role (27Mb)
  52. Spring Housecleaning (unknown file size)
  53. Mother's Day Present (27Mb)
  54. Cadillac in the Swimming Pool (unknown file size)
  55. Phil's Boat (unknown file size)
  56. The Picnic (unknown file size)
  57. The Tonsillectomy (unknown file size)
  58. The French Orphan (27.1Mb)
  59. Frankie's Foster Son (unknown file size)
  60. Concern About Contract Renewal (unknown file size)
  61. Phil Returns from Vacation (unknown file size)
  62. Keeping Regular Office Hours (unknown file size)
  63. Frankie Borrows Phil's New Chartreuse Car (27Mb)
  64. Three Grey Hairs (27.4Mb)
  65. A Fight in the Market (unknown file size)
  66. Sponsor's Formal Party Honoring Harrises (unknown file size)
  67. The Ukulele (unknown file size)
  68. The Television Test (unknown file size)
  69. The Engineer (unknown file size)
  70. Talented Children's Screen Test (unknown file size)
  71. Investment in Female Wrestler (unknown file size)
  72. Sponsor to Hire Myrtle (unknown file size)
  73. Dishwasher and Garbage Disposal (13.7Mb)
  74. Getting a Christmas Tree in the Mountains (unknown file size)
  75. Annual Christmas Show (unknown file size)
  76. Concert Stage (unknown file size)
  77. Red Paint on Poodle (unknown file size)
  78. Fixing the Furnace (unknown file size)
  79. Statue for Phil's Birthday (unknown file size)
  80. New York Trip (unknown file size)
  81. Jump off Brooklyn Bridge (unknown file size)
  82. Wrong Studio (unknown file size)
  83. Unpaid Bills (unknown file size)
  84. Wabash Avenue (unknown file size)
  85. The Fortune Hunter (unknown file size)
  86. Julius to Marry Mr Scott's Daughter (unknown file size)
  87. Alice's New Car (27.2Mb)
  88. Alice's Palm Springs Weekend (unknown file size)
  89. The Last Day In Palm Springs (aka Frankie's Flying Saucers) (unknown file size)
  90. The Easter Bunny (unknown file size)
  91. Phil Puts on Cinderella (27Mb)
  92. Darryl Zanuck's Dinner Party (unknown file size)
  93. The New Secretary (26.9Mb)
  94. Gangster's Trunk (unknown file size)
  95. Mother's Day (27Mb)
  96. Driver's License Renewal (unknown file size)
  97. Tickets to South Pacific (unknown file size)
  98. Phil's Vaccination (unknown file size)
  99. New Contract With RCA (unknown file size)
  100. Phil Has No Sponsor (unknown file size)
  101. Forbidden To Mention Sponsor's Name (unknown file size)
  102. Brownie's Camping Trip (unknown file size)
  103. A Sick Phil Harris (unknown file size)
  104. Getting Out The Vote (27Mb)
  105. Talking To Mr. Scott About Mentioning Sponsor's Name (27Mb)
  106. Alice And The Kids Go To Palm Springs Without Phil (unknown file size)
  107. Investment In A Female Wrestler (unknown file size)
  108. The Missing Baby (unknown file size)
  109. Watering The Lawn (unknown file size)
  110. Buying Alice A Christmas Present (unknown file size)
  111. Annual Christmas Show With Andy Devine (27.1Mb)
  112. Sponsor's New Year's Eve Party (unknown file size)
  113. Cutting The Band's Wages (unknown file size)
  114. The New Singer (unknown file size)
  115. The Pony (unknown file size)
  116. Phil Donates Blood (unknown file size)
  117. Helping Alice With The Household Budget (unknown file size)
  118. Are Phil And Alice Legally Married (27Mb)
  119. USO Entertaining At An Army Camp (unknown file size)
  120. Phil's Golf Game (unknown file size)
  121. Waiting For Darryl Zanuck's Call (unknown file size)
  122. Phil, the Dramatic actor (unknown file size)
  123. Spring in the Air (unknown file size)
  124. Frankie and Easter Dinner (unknown file size)
  125. The Songwriters (unknown file size)
  126. Selling RCA Victor Television Sets (unknown file size)
  127. Joining a Country Club (27.1Mb)
  128. Improvement is Necessary (unknown file size)
  129. The Beautiful Child Contest (unknown file size)
  130. Vacation Plans (unknown file size)
  131. Hired Mothers (unknown file size)
  132. Phil the Flying Sergeant (unknown file size)
  133. Contract Worries (unknown file size)
  134. Musician Union Troubles (27Mb)
  135. Julius Wants to get Married (unknown file size)
  136. Phil's Eye Exam (unknown file size)
  137. The School Orchestra (unknown file size)
  138. The Life Story of Phil Harris and Alice Faye (unknown file size)
  139. Frankie Wants to Buy a Business (unknown file size)
  140. Red Cross Blood Drive (unknown file size)
  141. Phil's USC College Benefit (unknown file size)
  142. Indians Don't Pay Income Taxes (unknown file size)
  143. Frankie's TV Show (unknown file size)
  144. Mr Scott's Clock (27Mb)
  145. Phil's Easy Chair Must Go (unknown file size)
  146. Stolen Christmas Presents (unknown file size)
  147. Need Tickets to the Rose Parade (26.9Mb)
  148. Pebble Beach Golf Trip (unknown file size)
  149. Surprise Present for Phil's Birthday (unknown file size)
  150. Fund Raising for the March of Dimes (unknown file size)
  151. Phil is in Charge of the House (unknown file size)
  152. The Day After Mr. Scott's Dinner Party (unknown file size)
  153. A Wife for Frankie (unknown file size)
  154. Seeing Phil's New Movie (unknown file size)
  155. Phil's Band to Play for Mr Scott's Daughter (unknown file size)
  156. Frankie is Not Going with Phil to Las Vegas (unknown file size)
  157. Children's Costume Party (unknown file size)
  158. Choosing Where to Go on Vacation (unknown file size)
  159. Phil is Made Honorary Colonel (unknown file size)
  160. Grogan Wants a Party at Phil's House (unknown file size)
  161. Is Alice Broke (unknown file size)
  162. Alice's Easter Dress (unknown file size)
  163. Alice's Old Boyfriend (unknown file size)
  164. Phil Is Directed To Fire His Band (unknown file size)
  165. Helping Alice With Spring Cleaning (27.4Mb)
  166. The Harris Kids On Television (unknown file size)
  167. Julius Is Missing (unknown file size)
  168. Alice's Surprise Party For Mr. Scott (unknown file size)
  169. Hotel Harris (unknown file size)
  170. The Stolen U.S. Mail (unknown file size)
  171. Phil, The Television Star (unknown file size)
  172. Baby Alice's First Date (27.4Mb)
  173. Phil Helps Get Out The Vote (unknown file size)
  174. Surprise Party For Phil (unknown file size)
  175. Alice Buys A Business (unknown file size)
  176. Football Tickets (27.4Mb)
  177. Elliott's Girlfriend's Name (27.3Mb)
  178. Julius Is In Jail (unknown file size)
  179. An Elephant For Mr. Scott (unknown file size)
  180. Alice Volunteers to Play Santa Claus (unknown file size)
  181. New Year's Eve Party At The Harrises (unknown file size)
  182. Alice's Day (27.3Mb)
  183. The Kitchen Sink (unknown file size)
  184. The $800 Kiss (unknown file size)
  185. Promoting The Product (unknown file size)
  186. Phil Fasthorse (unknown file size)
  187. Last Of The Mohicans (27.3Mb)
  188. Free College Education For Indians (unknown file size)
  189. The 4D Camera (unknown file size)
  190. The Mink Cape Mix-up (27.3Mb)
  191. The Gang Leader's Phone Number (unknown file size)
  192. Who Will Replace Phil (unknown file size)
  193. Saving Phil's Job (unknown file size)
  194. Coloring Easter Eggs Phil's Way (unknown file size)
  195. The Little Mother's Helpers Club (unknown file size)
  196. Willie And The Fortune Hunter aka Chloe, Gold Digger (27.3Mb)
  197. Willie And The Fortune Hunter aka Chloe, Gold Digger (AFRTS) (unknown file size)
  198. A Trip To Tijuana (unknown file size)
  199. Elliott's Free Trip To The Orient (unknown file size)
  200. Mother's Day Gift Trouble (27.2Mb)
  201. A Pool For The Kids (unknown file size)
  202. The Harrises Visit The Dentist (unknown file size)
  203. Grogan's Sister (13.5Mb)
  204. Willie's Ice Maker (unknown file size)
  205. The Forgotten Father (13.6Mb)
  206. Vacation Without Effort (unknown file size)
  207. The Courtship of Elliott Lewis (unknown file size)
  208. The Courtship of Elliott Lewis (with warmup) (unknown file size)
  209. A Day at Santa Anita (13.6Mb)
  210. Little Alice's First Date (unknown file size)
  211. Little Alice's First Date (plus warmup) (unknown file size)
  212. The Barbells of Scotland (27.5Mb)
  213. How to Repair a Living Room (unknown file size)
  214. How to Repair a Living Room (with warmup) (unknown file size)
  215. The Romance of Alice and Phil (unknown file size)
  216. How Long Will The Genius of Phil Go Undiscovered (unknown file size)
  217. A Trip to the Moon (unknown file size)
  218. A Trip to the Moon (plus warmup) (unknown file size)
  219. The Birthday Gift (unknown file size)
  220. The Birthday Gift (plus post show) (unknown file size)
  221. The Traffic Problem in Los Angeles (unknown file size)
  222. The Traffic Problem in Los Angeles (plus warmup) (unknown file size)
  223. A Night with Phil Harris (unknown file size)
  224. A Night with Phil Harris (plus warmup) (unknown file size)
  225. Phil and Elliott Play Detective (unknown file size)
  226. The Chaperones (unknown file size)
  227. The Chaperones (with warmup) (39Mb)
  228. Hosting French Refugee Kids for Christmas (unknown file size)
  229. Phil Gives Up Smoking For the New Year (13.6Mb)
  230. An English Dinner for a New Year (unknown file size)
  231. Phil's Band Turns to Drama (unknown file size)
  232. Life Insurance for Phil (27.2Mb)
  233. Royalty Check Celebration (27.2Mb)
  234. Build It Yourself Television Set (unknown file size)
  235. A Bad Case of Nerves (unknown file size)
  236. Firing Elliott (unknown file size)
  237. A Night at the Movies (unknown file size)
  238. Job Hunting (unknown file size)
  239. Expired Drivers License (unknown file size)
  240. Phil Writes His Life Story (unknown file size)
  241. Who Sent Flowers (unknown file size)
  242. What Would You Do If You Were a Dog (unknown file size)
  243. Phil's Pain in the Side (unknown file size)
  244. This Band is Underpaid (unknown file size)
  245. Herbert's Happy Hacienda (unknown file size)
  246. Special Red Cross Blood Drive Program (unknown file size)
  247. Phil's African Movies (unknown file size)
  248. This Is Your Past (unknown file size)
  249. A Date For Herman (27.2Mb)
  250. The Trouble With Honest Fred (unknown file size)
  251. The Pink Bed Jacket (unknown file size)
  252. Vacation Without Elliott (26.9Mb)

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