The Rest Is History

Frank Skinner's comedic look at history
from archive.org

Comedian Frank Skinner loves history, but just doesn’t know much of it, so he created The Rest Is History, a comedy discussion show, in order to find out more about it.

Along with his historian in residence Dr. Kate Williams, each episode sees Frank joined by a selection of celebrity guests, who help him navigate his way through the annals of time, picking out and chewing over the funniest, oddest, and most interesting moments in history.

  1. 101 - Dave Gorman and Sara Pascoe (25.4Mb)
  2. 102 - Victoria Coren Mitchell and Andy Zaltzman (25.4Mb)
  3. 103 - Katy Brand and John Lloyd (25.5Mb)
  4. 104 - David Baddiel and Emma Kennedy (25.3Mb)
  5. 105 - David Mitchell and Steve Hall (25.4Mb)
  6. 106 - Josh Widdicombe and Roisin Conaty (25.5Mb)
  7. 201 - Katy Brand and Pierre Novellie (25.3Mb)
  8. 202 - Al Murray and Isy Suttie (25.2Mb)
  9. 203 - Holly Walsh and Richard Herring (25.4Mb)
  10. 204 - Chris Addison and Alun Cochrane (25.5Mb)
  11. 205 - Miles Jupp and Zoe Lyons (25.4Mb)
  12. 206 - Josie Long and Kevin Eldon (25.2Mb)

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