The Shadow

What evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!
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What evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!

This upload contains 239 episodes of the great old time radio drama, The Shadow. The show aired for 22 years, from 1932 to 1954, and followed the exploits of amateur detective Lamont Cranston and his companion Margo Lane. Cranston learned the secret of clouding men's minds to make him invisible, allowing him to become The Shadow and work on the side of law enforcement to prove to young and old alike that crime does not pay! Over the 22 years, Cranston was portrayed by Frank Readick (although none of his 86 episodes appear to have survived), the legendary Orson Welles, Bill Johnstone and Bret Morrison. The lovely Margo Lane was portrayed the exceptional Agnes Moorehead, Marjorie Anderson, Lesley Woods and Grace Matthews. Unfortunately only about 1/3 of aired episodes appear to be currently circulating.

  1. The Death House Rescue (20.9Mb)
  2. The Temple Bells of Neban (20Mb)
  3. The Three Ghosts (40.7Mb)
  4. Circle of Death (22.1Mb)
  5. The Death Triangle (22.7Mb)
  6. Cold Death (24.4Mb)
  7. The League of Terror (19.3Mb)
  8. Sabotage (19.4Mb)
  9. Society of the Living Dead (40.5Mb)
  10. Poison Death (20Mb)
  11. The Phantom Voice (15.9Mb)
  12. Hounds In the Hills (20.3Mb)
  13. The Plot Murder (40.8Mb)
  14. The Bride of Death (23.2Mb)
  15. The Silent Avenger (40.9Mb)
  16. The White Legion (14.6Mb)
  17. The Hypnotized Audience (21.8Mb)
  18. Death from the Deep (39Mb)
  19. The Fire Bug (23.3Mb)
  20. The Blind Beggar Dies (22.2Mb)
  21. The Power of the Mind (21.5Mb)
  22. The White God (19.4Mb)
  23. Aboard the Steamship Amazon (23Mb)
  24. Murders in Wax (19.2Mb)
  25. The Message from the Hills (21.3Mb)
  26. The Creeper (42.8Mb)
  27. The Tenor with the Broken Voice (18.6Mb)
  28. Murder on Approval (40.5Mb)
  29. The Tomb of Terror (15.6Mb)
  30. The Old People (20.1Mb)
  31. The Voice of the Trumpet (16.8Mb)
  32. He Died at Twelve (18.7Mb)
  33. The Reincarnation of Michael (22.3Mb)
  34. The Mark of the Bat (16.1Mb)
  35. Revenge on the Shadow (19.9Mb)
  36. The Mine Hunters (19.1Mb)
  37. The Hospital Murders (19.6Mb)
  38. The Caverns of Death (17Mb)
  39. Death Under the Chapel (6Mb)
  40. The Black Buddha (21.9Mb)
  41. The Witch Drums of Salem (16.4Mb)
  42. Professor X (20.7Mb)
  43. Traffic in Death (15.9Mb)
  44. The Black Abbot (40.4Mb)
  45. Death Stalks the Shadow (43.5Mb)
  46. Night Without End (36.6Mb)
  47. Gun Island (19.7Mb)
  48. The Isle of Fear (19.6Mb)
  49. Shyster Payoff (25Mb)
  50. Black Rock (41.2Mb)
  51. Death is Blind (40.4Mb)
  52. Fountain of Death (21.1Mb)
  53. Murder In E Flat (21.7Mb)
  54. Murder By Rescue (20.1Mb)
  55. Guest of Death (24.1Mb)
  56. The Man Who Murdered Time (39.9Mb)
  57. Island of the Devil (22Mb)
  58. Ghosts Can Kill (21.1Mb)
  59. Valley of the Living Dead (41.1Mb)
  60. Prelude to Terror (18.5Mb)
  61. The Ghost of Captain Bayloe (25.7Mb)
  62. The Hypnotic Death (41.7Mb)
  63. Friend of Darkness (39.4Mb)
  64. Horror in Wax (16.4Mb)
  65. Sabotage By Air (39.8Mb)
  66. Appointment With Death (42.8Mb)
  67. Can the Dead Talk (Blue Coal) (17.8Mb)
  68. Conversation With Death (22.8Mb)
  69. Dead Men Talk (19.5Mb)
  70. The Night Marauders (21.3Mb)
  71. The Diamond Murders (Murder in the Ball Park) (21.6Mb)
  72. Village of Doom (19.7Mb)
  73. House of Fun (16.2Mb)
  74. Phantom Fingerprints (16.6Mb)
  75. Mansion of Madness (16Mb)
  76. The Inventor of Death (20.7Mb)
  77. The Shadow Returns (17.2Mb)
  78. Sandhog Murders (34Mb)
  79. Death Shows the Way (15.8Mb)
  80. Flight of the Vulture (17.8Mb)
  81. Murder Incorporated (35.9Mb)
  82. The Stockings Were Hung (35.3Mb)
  83. The Cat That Killed (35.3Mb)
  84. Murder in the Death House (15.1Mb)
  85. The Precipice Called Death (20.1Mb)
  86. The Return of Carnation Charlie (14.8Mb)
  87. Death is an Art (17.9Mb)
  88. Death on the Bridge (35.6Mb)
  89. The Laughing Corpse (35.3Mb)
  90. Murderer's Vanity (21.3Mb)
  91. The Plot That Failed (20.5Mb)
  92. Death in a Minor Key (21.5Mb)
  93. Ghost Town (39Mb)
  94. The Isle of the Living Dead (17.3Mb)
  95. The Oracle of Death (21.5Mb)
  96. The Mark of the Black Widow (19.9Mb)
  97. The Creeper (17.6Mb)
  98. Carnival of Death (15.5Mb)
  99. The House of Horror (16.4Mb)
  100. The Green Man (5.6Mb)
  101. The Curse of Shiva (18.7Mb)
  102. The Voice of Death (16.9Mb)
  103. The Killers Rendezvous (17Mb)
  104. Joey's Christmas Story (43Mb)
  105. The Ghost on the Stair (40.8Mb)
  106. The Leopard Strikes (41Mb)
  107. The Ghost Building (21Mb)
  108. The Shadow Challenged (40.9Mb)
  109. The Ghost of Caleb MacKenzie (22.9Mb)
  110. Nightmare at Gaelsberry (19.2Mb)
  111. The Man Who Lived Twice (19.4Mb)
  112. The Phantom Voyage (14.7Mb)
  113. Chess Club Murders (40.2Mb)
  114. Death Rides a Broomstick (25.3Mb)
  115. The Murder Underground (20.6Mb)
  116. The Ghost Walks Again (18.7Mb)
  117. Death Prowls at Night (19.8Mb)
  118. Voodoo (41.3Mb)
  119. Murder from the Grave (36.3Mb)
  120. Death on the Rails (16.8Mb)
  121. Dragon's Tongue Murders (24Mb)
  122. The Hoodoo Ship (23.7Mb)
  123. The Devil's Hour (25.4Mb)
  124. The Organ Played at Midnight (25Mb)
  125. The Case of the Three Frightened Policemen (21Mb)
  126. The Ring of Light (22Mb)
  127. Death Imported (24Mb)
  128. Death Pulls the Strings (25.9Mb)
  129. The Drums of Doom (24.6Mb)
  130. The Thing in the Swamp (24.2Mb)
  131. Dead Man's Revenge (22Mb)
  132. The Return of Anatole Chevanic (18.7Mb)
  133. Death Speaks Twice (19.5Mb)
  134. Death Gives an Encore (24.1Mb)
  135. Dead Men Tell (22.3Mb)
  136. Altar of Death (16.9Mb)
  137. The Mystery of Madman's Deep (17.5Mb)
  138. Death Keeps a Deadline (26.5Mb)
  139. The Wailing Corpse (18.4Mb)
  140. The Lady In Black (18.9Mb)
  141. Death Shoots an Arrow (6.5Mb)
  142. The Touch of Death (22.2Mb)
  143. The Gibbering Things (22.9Mb)
  144. Crystal Globe (39.7Mb)
  145. Bubbling Death (5.9Mb)
  146. The Club of Doom (5.6Mb)
  147. A Pass to Death (6.6Mb)
  148. Death to the Shadow (20.1Mb)
  149. Drums of Doom (23.7Mb)
  150. The Flaming Skull (42Mb)
  151. The Destroyer (23.8Mb)
  152. The Little Man Who Wasn't There (24.7Mb)
  153. Spider Boy (6Mb)
  154. The Curse of the Cat (19Mb)
  155. Murder with Music (24.3Mb)
  156. The Living Head (18.1Mb)
  157. The Island of Ancient Death (20.1Mb)
  158. The Ghost Without a Face (19.8Mb)
  159. Etched With Acid (18.3Mb)
  160. The Walking Corpse (38.6Mb)
  161. Mind Over Murder (17.6Mb)
  162. The Ghost Wore a Silver Slipper (40.1Mb)
  163. The Unburied Dead (17Mb)
  164. The Gorilla Man (19.2Mb)
  165. The Dreams of Death (18.4Mb)
  166. The White Witchman of Lawaiki (23.8Mb)
  167. The Bride Wore Black (40.4Mb)
  168. The Touch of Death (17.8Mb)
  169. They Kill With a Silver Hatchet (20.9Mb)
  170. Death In a Minor Key (23Mb)
  171. Valley of Living Terror (39.9Mb)
  172. Blood Money (24.5Mb)
  173. Gang Doctor (24.8Mb)
  174. Makeup for Murder (39.7Mb)
  175. The Devil Takes a Wife (40.5Mb)
  176. Murders on the Main Stem (40.5Mb)
  177. The Fine Art of Murder (41.7Mb)
  178. Shadow of Suspicion (18.1Mb)
  179. The Werewolf of Hamilton Mansion (19.1Mb)
  180. The Cat and the Killer (13.9Mb)
  181. Death by Imagination (Partial 1st Half Only) (3.2Mb)
  182. Scent of Death (21.4Mb)
  183. The Witch of the Crescent Moon (Partial 1st Half Only) (3.8Mb)
  184. Death Takes a Handout (Partial 2nd Half Only) (3.3Mb)
  185. Suicide League (Partial 2nd Half Only) (3.2Mb)
  186. The Shadows Revenge (19.1Mb)
  187. Death Rides High (21.9Mb)
  188. Seance with Death (20.2Mb)
  189. Spider Boy (19Mb)
  190. The Phantom of the Lighthouse (43.4Mb)
  191. When the Grave is Open (40.6Mb)
  192. The Face (42.9Mb)
  193. Death Takes the Wheel (23.2Mb)
  194. The Curse of the Gypsies (18.6Mb)
  195. The Ruby of Karvahl (21.1Mb)
  196. Death Hunt (7.1Mb)
  197. Death Has Eight Arms (41.1Mb)
  198. Dream of Death (24.5Mb)
  199. Doom and the Limping Man (25.3Mb)
  200. The Comic Strip Killer (41.1Mb)
  201. Murder and the Medium (22.1Mb)
  202. A Gift of Murder (13.3Mb)
  203. Terrible Legend of Crownshield Castle (33.1Mb)
  204. The Chill of Death (38.8Mb)
  205. The Bones of the Dragon (21.2Mb)
  206. Death and the Black Fedora (21.3Mb)
  207. The House That Death Built (20.3Mb)
  208. One Dead and Two to Go (20Mb)
  209. The Thing in the Cage (39.9Mb)
  210. Terror at Wolf's Head Knoll (18.1Mb)
  211. The Nursery Rhyme Murders (19.4Mb)
  212. The Man Who Was Death (15.1Mb)
  213. The Beast of Darrow House (16.4Mb)
  214. Stake Out (13.9Mb)
  215. Death Coils to Strike (20.3Mb)
  216. Death and the Easter Bonnet (6.7Mb)
  217. The Ghost That Gleams (20.4Mb)
  218. The Legend of the Living Swamp (5.5Mb)
  219. Reflection of Death (36.9Mb)
  220. The Giant of Madras (34.9Mb)
  221. Murder at Dead Man's Inn (19.7Mb)
  222. Revenge is Murder (40.6Mb)
  223. Death is a Colored Dream (25.7Mb)
  224. The Phantom Racketeer (18.7Mb)
  225. A Mask for Murder (14.8Mb)
  226. Dead Man's Ride (6.8Mb)
  227. The Drum of Obi (19.6Mb)
  228. Murder by a Corpse (19.4Mb)
  229. Evil In The House (16Mb)
  230. The Wig Makers of Doom Street (22.1Mb)
  231. Death and the Crown of Odalph (16.7Mb)
  232. The Trail of the Knifer (31.1Mb)
  233. Collectors of Death (23.7Mb)
  234. Unto Death Do Us Part (20.9Mb)
  235. The Ring of Mahlalayee (23.7Mb)
  236. Death and the Easter Bonnet (26.6Mb)
  237. Monkey Woman (20.2Mb)
  238. Preview of Terror (21.5Mb)
  239. The Vengeance of Angela Nolan (19.7Mb)

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